Faces Airbrush Nails Sane The Glue :P


Hiya girls

I did something which you all loved.. I am talking about the Faces Nails Ana posted few days ago.I knew such a embellishment existed but I never knew that removing them would be a monumental affair.So here’s a alternative ! Again, all self-explanatory 🙂

Lovely Ana ( I really love her eyes ) keeps enticing us with new stuff. When I saw those false nails I really wished for them. Then something struck  me and I took out my colors and in 10 minutes it was done 🙂

Faces 24 nail brushes


Polka Dots French

This is simple. Do a base coat ( always,always ) , a nude coat , a black French , dot the dots and run a pink line over the border. Done !

Pink Pinky Nails

This worked cos I had the colors . you would need 2 shades of pink . Base coat with lighter pink. Using a dotting tool ( the tiniest one ) or a nail brush make random boxes . Don’t do them in an order. Its mayhem which gives the look. Done !!

The white manicure

This is fairly  easy.  Nude base coat and a white French tip. Using a thin brush draw lines from one tip and fan them out. Leave white space in between. This is my least favorite among the four 🙂


fACES False nail polish+faces pinky nail polish+nail polish faces 24 airbrush nails



Mice Maze

This is so matrixyy !! Do a clear base coat. A clear coat makes the design pop out. Using colors of your choice draw the tiny mazes using a brush. Don’t drag the brush. Be light , steady and slow. It will come out fine.:)

So I  got the nails sans the glue :p  . My roses are blooming. I saw almost 40 flowers today. Shared one with you guys .

Faces 24 airbrush nail polish+faces maze +



Peace money to all 🙂

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  1. OMG so nicely done Reddy!! The “matrix-ey” one was my fave and it looks so pretty!! Grrrreat job 🙂 🙂
    When I saw thew pic I thought you got so many of the false nails!

  2. I am sp impressed with these Reds….i saw the cover pic and thought that someone had bought all the variants of Faces and put one on each nail…

    this is super! and gives me the confidence to do sumthin like this so i can avoid the glue and the hard removal…

      • thank you Ana ! yea i used brown pearl acrylic. i have tons of shades cos i would paint mum sari’ earlier. acrylics are good for detailing cos the paint is thicker than nail polish

  3. Omg Reddy! U absolutely nailed the polka dot one….looks exactly like the original :clap: This a gr8 idea n ur rose looks beautiful :-))

  4. i actually felt you were showing the original ones! when I saw the nail polish, I realised that you did it! you have done it soooo neatly ma’am… I have to to do this one..now now now…will post it tomorrow ans try with some other colors 😀

    hail you ma’am!!! :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

  5. all the designs are gorgeous . . . God! you girls have so much patience.
    i lost my patience before i could do all the works. trimming, buffing, nail polish (2 coats), top coat. and over this if i had to do these arts . . . I ‘d go mad. :drunk: :drunk: :drunk:


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