Faces and NYX in Hyderabad Inorbit Mall


Good news for all those who are looking for faces and NYX cosmetics.There is a separate and whole sole counter of Faces which has just been opened in Inorbit mall.

They have few offers running  which include a makeup set of INR 1000 which contain an eyeshadow palette , 2 eyeliner, cream base eyeshadow, mascara and it has 50% off :drool::drool: on it.

You should check out the counter they have displayed it beautifully:)

Faces and NYx in Hyderabad

Nyx has been opened in Hyper city inorbit mall too.

So happy shopping 🙂 and thanks Mitra for letting me know about the faces counter .I did my shopping today :):D:D from it.




  1. I will next time :D:D but the kind of counter which face shave was beautiful..just like what we see abroad with black counter and spaces for all blushes and lippies..i was impressed:)

  2. Man! Now i wish I were at Hyd..Prachi is right..Shud have posted some pics na..We would have drooled from our respective locations itself.. 🙂

    • :rotfl::rotfl: i didnt know u guys wanted to see it so much ..next time pakka 🙂
      and thankfully SA had some knowledge about the product..very funny thing happend there i asked NEW you SA to tell me where is faces she asked me what u want mam..i said eye glitters she started showing me revlon body glitter powder..mam try this it is equally good 😀

      • Yeps..Put up their pics..and since ul go there, u might as well pick up some stuff for Prachi n I..Bas curier it to us, we wont mind at all..Right Prachi?? 😉 😉

        Haha! I guess now that Faces has come there, there’s gonna be heavy competition..btw, was the revlon glitter any good?

        • yes i liked it..she just spreaded it with a light hand on my hand and it has that beautiful shimmery effect..i might buy it some time or show you the swatches..it is great for those who wear back less or deep back dresses ..there skin looks so fab using it 🙂

          • Soumds lovely..I wish I were thin and skinny..Then I wud wear fultoo backless 😉 😉 and put shimmer and glitter and wot not! 😉 😉

        • Zeeba? zeeba kaun?? 😉

          See A? We r not demanding at all..Prachi only wants 2 lippies, I will send u my smal 10 page list..bas, itna hi…We won’t trouble u too much.. 😉 😉

          • Actually, nahi, I wont kill her..I’ll just ask her to repent by sending me the Nyx lippies u send her 🙂 Or else… Grrrrrrrr 😉 😉

            No-No A..I know ur a very sincere and gud person..Ul definitely send us the goodies we want..Ur so sweet, so nice, so angelic, so cute, fantastic! 😉 😉

            • thank u so much Zara..but if i buy these goodies which unfortunately i don have right now with me then they r not coming to you

              also , now i have an idea i wil tell hubby u and prachi want these thing and then i will buy them and then use them all by myself :rotfl::devil:

      • Its not there in front of NEW U now?? changed the place kya?

        NYX in Hypercity! How come i missed it! BTW the biotique couter at Hypercity has HOllywood Style products too..check kiya?

  3. You went to out in the scorching heat :sweat: You are so dedicated to your work Anamika :-))
    Good news na about Faces & Nyx :clap:

    Lol about that SA at newyou 😀

    • Thanks Adivaah ..it is horribly hot here..how u managing your cool ?? and then there r so many power cuts :sweat:

  4. hey anamika

    have u used blue heaven cosmetics??plz do a review on the brand.
    its an indian brand so its price is quite reasonable in india.

    • Riya there site doesnt even work properly and i have seen blue heaven cosmetics..there packaging is so bad that i don feel like picking them up..if u want i can do thatfor you 🙁

  5. anamika

    there site is working. i have opened it so many times in google.

    plz do a review on blue heaven cosmetics.

  6. i mean if u check there cosmetics section or lipstick section it doesnt show anything riya..and i think i will try reviewing them but i don think i will like them.

  7. u need to click on the online catalogue link on the website.then u will get the list of products n a breif decription about them.

  8. wow…..v have got faces counter in treasure island mall…..will rush to grab the products which u ll review 😛

  9. wow anamika ensoi ur shopping.

    nyx lippies teasrose,perfect,hope r good.i go each at sale for 200 inr.
    castle is a mauvy pink cute lippy.
    i luv their cream blushes glow,golden,hot pink.powder blush mocha is matt and so is desert rose. ive their single e/h and trios and their carribean collection.they r amazing…
    the SA is so used with my nyx craze that i ve got freebies like 2 wallets,1 handbag,2 nice big sized make up pouches …the way they treat u makes a big diff ..ofcourse the quality comes first…
    nyx single e/s vanilla sky is a dupe for mac’s ricepaper, luxor for vibrant grape.

      • yes iam a big fan of nyx.iam from chennai but live in dubai. also i forgot to mention abt the jumbo pencils.i thought they r just another fatso pencil but its amazing.kind of similar to our own lakme fat eye pencils but amazing range of colours.i use it as a base or as a eyeliner and dab same colured e/s on top.
        cherry culture has them on sale @3.50$ now. i bought them for 156 inr during the sale.
        thanks for ur post abt layering cream blush and powder blush ..i am using it with these blushes and it stays for a long time.

        • Aww pleasure i spoke to my friend here NYX jumbo pencil is of Rs 350 ..i want to get hold of them but if i can get them of Rs 156 then there is nothing like it 🙁 shopping from cherry culture is expensive as they charge a bomb for shipping 🙁

          • yeah really u shud try the jumbo pencils once.in cherryculture its less than 100rs i think .but as u said the shipping is too much…

            • yaa …but i seriously want those i mean damn serious and in each and every colour :D:D i should go for my online shopping soon 😛

  10. if possible can u post Nyx prices. and hw much are the faces eyeshadow stacks cost?? my shopping list is increasing rapidly :-(( . when i come to india i am sure to go crazy . :evilgrin:

    • Cynthia …..buy buy from there ..u will wish then why i didnt do that..don forget to buy urban decay primer , some MUFE lispticks ..they r expensive in India.

  11. oh u lucky…and me :-(( i want a NYX near me :-((

    well had guesses it right that u must have been to shopping coz since yesterday afternoon u were missing for a long time :-/ :-/

    • u know hyper city na in Inorbit na..there si revlon, lakme ,maybelline and few more cosmetic counter ..it is that row only..yesterday it was close i don’t know for what reason..i will review their lipstick which i bought 🙂

    • I searched the entire mall yesterday…there is a separate store for Faces and not for NYX. In hyper city NYX has been closed due to some reasons. So I don’t think there is a NYX counter in Inorbit mall anymore!


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