Faces Blush Opera Mauve Blush,Rose Gold Blush,Carnation Pink Review


By Zara,

Hi All,

My tryst with Faces cosmetics began with their accessories. I remember buying their hair clips and combs. I had no idea they also had a range of cosmetics until I started reading beauty blogs! Yeps..suffice to say this spiked my curiosity in them. But unfortunately, by this time I’d moved back home to Pune from Bngalore and couldn’t find the Faces range anywhere here. So when I saw these blushes on Fashion and You last month, I knew I had to get them!

Review of Faces Blush

I’ve read reviews on their eye pencils (they are absolutely fabulous for sure), their lipsticks (Thanks to Rashmi for that!) and their accessories, but never heard anything about their blushes. So after playing a lot of mental ping-pong, I decided to take the plunge and try them out! I bought 3 blushes and am loving them!

The 3 shades I got were: Carnation Pink, Opera Mauve and Rose Gold.

Faces India Blush Review

These are powder-based blushes with a matte finish, manufactured in Italy..Yes..Italy..So if you have a Faces product, remember you have a truly global product…Faces from Canada, Manufactured in Italy, Imported by Delhi, Marketed in Mumbai! Impressive isn’t it? Hehe!:D:D

Until early last year, Faces used to sell these same shades of blushes in a see-through flip top containers. However, now they have started using a different packaging. Also, these blushes don’t come with an application brush, which may be good thing since the brushes which are usually sold along with these blushes are hardly ever useful. They also have another range of blushes which is divided in 2 parts: with 4.5gms of product in one half and an application brush which is stored in the other half.


What Faces Blush Claims This highly-pigmented powder formula allows for an even and precise application. Use as desired to highlight, shade and contour cheek bones. The result is long-lasting color all day long that complements all skin tones. Can be used over powder or foundation to complete any makeup look.

Blush for round face


Original Price: 299 INR

Offer Price: 169 INR

Quantity: 8g

Faces Blush Opera Mauve Review

Faces Blush Opera Mauve Review

My take on the product:

This is a lovely sober mauve shade which can be used for that uber chic look. Of all 3 shades, this is the one which is the least pigmented. In my opinion, this would be a good choice for beginners since its easier to control the amount of product to be applied. This shade has the least bit of fallout as well which makes it a winner for sure.

Swatches of Opera Mauve

Faces blush opara mauve swatches

Faces  Rose Gold Blush Review

faces blush Opara gold Blush review

My take on the product:

This is a higly pigmented color and is absolutely gorgeous. In the pan, it looks like a brown, chocolatey shade. When I received this and opened the lid, for a second I thought there had been a mistake and gotten a bronzing or nude shade instead. But when I swatched it I was like ‘WOW!!’  It is actually a lovely peachy shade which is great for daily wear. One has to be very careful while applying it since its very easy to go overboard with this. The cardinal rule of  tapping off the excess with your brush is necessary with this to avoid a ‘baked look’ 🙂

There is definitely some fallout with this product but nothing to be overly concerned about.

Swatches of Faces Blush Rose Gold

Faces Blush Opara Gold Swatches


Faces Carnation Pink Blush Review

My take on the product:

This shade is a lovely bright pink color and is perfect for those who are not too comfortable with using too dark or too vivid shades. This shade has a very tiny amount of shimmer which gives the face a lovely glow. This shade is medium pigmented and extremely easy to apply since its a light shade and its tough to go overboard with this. Again, this is a shade I can recommend to everyone since its a very versatile color. One can even use this for highlighting.


faces blush Carnation Pink Review

Swatches of Faces Blush carnation Pink


faces blush carnation pink swatches

What I liked about faces blushes

  • Good Pigmentation
  • Very Affordable
  • Good for experimentation and they do have lovely shades which would be great for all regardless if one is a beginner or an expert.
  • Texture is wonderful and easy to spread.
  • It has a mirror inside which is great for touchups.
  • The packaging is very sturdy, sleek and easy to carry around.
  • Good staying power. I wore it at 8am and when I came home at 6pm, it was still there (just a bit faded).
  • A lot of product for the cost.  (8gms)


What I do not like about Faces Blushes

  • No mention of ingredients
  • Availability is an issue. I have yet to see Faces cosmetics in Pune.
  • Limited shades. Their site mentions only 6 shades available.
  • See-through containers would have been better to help identify the shade. As of now, the only way is to look at the shade name on the back of the pot or open and check. Not too convenient if one had alotta blushes.

Will I buy it again: Yeps, I would love to, but I doubt this will ever get over. 8gms of product!!!:)

Rating: 4.5/5 ( -.5 for the packaging)

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    • Thanks A! And double thanks for uploading the review too! I just logged in waise hi and i was like ‘Whoa! Ye to maine likha hai!’ 😉 😉 M supper happy..

      Yeps..It was at an offer and such a gud offer at that..thats I was like Chalo let’s experiment and buy morreeee!! 😉

  1. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: will clap first then read :clap: :clap: :clap: good to see you Zara 😀 😀 and will wait for your makeup pics ….
    what say ana ??

    • Haha! I love the in-advance claps…U wont believe, I saw this and immediate reached for my phone to msg u to read..but then I had this 6th sense and thought lemme scroll down and see if Rash has already commented..and yey!!! I saw Rash!!!

      Makeup Pics?? hehe..Gosh..I wonder if i’ll ever take pics and show it to anyone..m sorta too shy for that..But u never know..uv inspired me to write reviews..anything cud happen in the future too! 😉

      • :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( this is not done .. you have to pst makeup pics down the line 😀
        i have seen your pics dur dur se now its time for close ups :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

          • @ A: Haha! i think Rash has make-up Mania!!!

            @ GP: Pata nahi when I’ll ever hav the guts to do looks..hehe..for that u guys will have t come to Pune, give me a pep talk over yummy coffee anda shopping trip…Then Iwould definitely consider doing looks 😉 😉

            • not a bad idea..i do want to visit Mumbai and pune now when i am near to the place..and Rash Keeps going to Mumbai so beware she wont leave you ::D:D

              • Haan..pakka come to Pune…We’ll have loadsa fun for sure!! GP ko to maine kab se reserve kiya hai..Whenever she comes here, she has t visit me…Ur based out of Hyd??

  2. awesome review Zara 😀 but tell me one thing .. you were confused of buying their blushes but when you decided you picked 3 … i mean ??? now be confident and buy one at a time :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
    i loved the pink color and rose 😀 and it would be great as an eyeshadow too i mean the rose color ??
    am sure gonna pick one of these but the discount you got was awesome so guess will wait for that 😀 😀

    • Haha! Gud question GP….actually the discount was so gud that I was like..Buying 3 together would be eual to buying 1 single blush in some other normal brand..So I took the plunge. Plus after reading ur Faces lipstick review, i was itching to buy SOMETHING from Faces.. ;)So it was GP wala confidence and made me buy so much blindly wo bhi… 😉

      Yeps, they would look lovely as eyeshadows too..When I swatched Rose gold in fact, I was thinking that it would make a really nice crease shade..wot say?

      M also waiting for a similar offer to come again..Will pounce for sure ;)M so happy u liked my review Rash..muaah!

  3. Ur Welcome! Ilove writing and I love makeup…So this is the perfect opportunity.. 🙂 Thanks for uploading them once again 😉

    Oh, these r wonderful blushes. The pigmentation is fabulous..I hope a similar discount comes again..hehe (running me hands in greeddd!!)

    Heehee..not laziness…let me explain my logic 😉 I have the habit of keeping nicknames..Rash has already reserved ana..And I cant call u Mika coz it reminds of that dumb singer ;)..So for now its ‘A’..Whenevr the right name pops into my head, tab wo bula lungi 😉 Nice funda na? hehe..

  4. @ ana …. “A ” i so love to call you ana 😀 😀 ana ana and dev laughs i mean confused at times ana ??? ahhaha

    @ Zara … I would def. love to pick one of these in fact will try the same colors you mentioned Rose for sure and Pink too .. guess 2 for me right now …

    my comments were appearing late so even i was despo to see your reply :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*
    i so love smilies here :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-((

      • @ GP: Haha! I can imagine Dev’s expressions when u refer to ‘Ana!’ hehe..M picturing A with a kurta pajama in black, 5-6 gold chain aroundher neck and a stick in her hand!! 😉

        And do get those blushes..they r lovely..my current obsession 😉

        @ Female Ana: then thank god I dint call u Mika..No worries…jald hi kuch accha naam dimaag me pop up karega…I have Chacha Chaudary’s brain..It runs faster than the speed of light!! 😉 😉

        • thank god u have chacha chaudhary ming and not sabuss :D:D other wise there would have been many earth quakes :rotfl:

          and i don mind the gold chain i will sell them off and get some more makeup :rotfl: me ana me ana :D:Dnow

  5. Hehe..Their blushes r really gud and worth the buy…and once u get them and smear, pls do post a pic here..mazaa aa jayega!

  6. hi zara..nice review..and staying power is also good?at this price?if staying power is good,i am going to definitely buy from faces..me too heard good things abt faces eye pencils..planning to buy them..

  7. welcome Zara…our new friend :clap: :clap: i was like :drool: over rose gold shade…i so loved it, but where will i find faces cosmetics here ?:-) i need to ask shop owners :-/ :-/

  8. Thanks for reviewing these Zara..I’ve been wanting to pick these since some time..just tried their eye pencils and lipsticks and loving both! Loved the first 2 shades..gorgeous!!

    • Hi Ankita,

      Yep, these r really lovely shades and worth buying..I just got their lipsticks a few days back and m loving them too..This brand is quickly gaining popularity na?

    • Thanks Poorva.. I got this discount on Fashion and You..As a matter of fact, they have a sale going on right now..Y don’t u have a look?

  9. Hey Good news for you…Faces has opened a store in Inorbit Mall..Viman Nagar,Pune..and thnx for the review..was a little vary about trying Faces since i had not heard abt da brand before but will try dem soon


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