Faces Canada Eyelash Curler Review


Faces Canada Eyelash Curler

I was using QVS  and Audery’s eyelash curler and was pretty satisfied with their result till the time I started using Faces Canada eyelash curler .It is a pretty curler and is made from stainless steel and has a pink colour plastic handle below.

Faces Canada Eye lash curler review

Faces Canada Eye lash curler


  • Finest Quality stainless steel
  • Smooth opening & closing action
  • A super long lasting rubber pad gives superior cushioning for your lashes


How to use Eye Lash Curler

Wipe rubber pad clean and use before applying mascara .Open eyelash curler and center lashes between rubber pad and curved plate.Squeeze the curler for about 20 seconds and open handles to release lashes.Repeat the procedure if added curls are required.

Price Rs 149


Faces Cosemtics Eyelash curler

It has a smooth opening and rubber pad has a nice soft cushion quality which makes curling easy.There is one more bonus rubber pad which comes along with it and curl lashes from the middle to the outer corner.

I wont say it is light weight as I  find QVS eye lash curler lighter than this but it is easier to use and gives better results than QVS one.

eye lash curler +curler

It really opens up eyes and as you can see there is some mascara (I don’t know how) lying on it so it is better to wipe rubber pad after using it each time.Even if I use it without mascara it opens up my eyes more than QVS and Audrey’s


Faces Canada eyelash curler


  • Will I recommend it to others – Yes if you are looking for an decent price eye lash curler than surely this one is a good buy.

Wise She Rating – 4/5

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