Faces canada eyeliner sharpener and tips to sharpen eyeliner pencil

I got Faces eyeliner sharpener of Rs 80 some six months back and I am completely enjoying this sharpener.I have used two sharpener before also but this is the one which has been my best find till date.
It really hurts me when my  eyeshadow pencil, eyeliner pencil or eyebrow pencil breaks down in between.Even when they break down I keep the broken piece with me though I don’t use it but some how I keep it for a while just for satisfaction 😛
Faces sharpener has helped me in saving lot of bugs of mine.I won’t say that after using the sharpener my pencils never broke but I like the way it sharpens my eyeliner or eyeshadow pencil

This sharpener has two holes in it in which one is for normal sized eyeliner pencil and other one is for slightly bigger eyeliner make up pencils.I have couple of make up pencils which are quiet big and most often I had to sharpen it with a knife.When I found both the option in sible sharpender I was very pleased to see it.

 The best thing about this sharpener is that it catches the sharpening in a little compartment on its underside.So one can remove the lid of the compartment and throw the stuff without creating a big mess.This sharpener can be easily carried in a purse and is quiet affordable too.
Albeit when my husband saw this he was surprised and little shocked to see a sharpener which cost more than Rs 5. 😀 I am waiting for the day when my husband will understand the importance and value of make up 😛
All in all this is a great product and I have no complaints against it.It saves my eyeliner pencils which use to break down so often while sharpening them,
I have few eyeliner tips also to share when it comes to sharpening eyeliner pencil.
1.To minimize the breakage of an eyeliner pencil one can cool it down before sharpening it.I place my pencil in the refrigerator for an hour.You can store eyeliner pencil in yoru freezer also so that they are always ready to get sharpened.
2.Always discard any wood shaving products from the sharpener before you sharpen your pencil.
3.Avoid touching tip of the eyeliner pencil tip.This increases the chances of breaking them out and give introduction to bacteria .Also, Please do not try to use your normal sharpener to sharpen the eye pencil.It never works.
Make eyeliner part of your  make up routine after all it is one of the easiest thing to be applied 🙂
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