Faces Canada Facial Cleansing Sponges: Review, photos and usage directions


By Prerana Sharma,

Faces canada facial cleansing sponges

The Faces facial cleansing sponges claims to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and glowing while also leaving it clean and refreshed feeling. At first I used to think these facial cleansing sponges are nt required as my hands/cotton balls + my deep pore cleanser is enough for cleaning my skin, but after I used it then only I saw the difference! These Facial Sponges are great for removing makeup, dirt, and any excess oil from the face, as well as lifting off dry, dead skin cells. Using the Sponges every day with any cleanser is recommended for best results. This product is meant for those who have normal to oily skin, but I think it can also be used on all skin types.

Faces Canada facial cleansing sponges

How to use: The proper way of using it is, wet the facial sponge1st, pour your favorite cleanser, gently massage over all areas of the face, then follow up with an oil free moisturizer. Rinse the sponge thoroughly after each use and allow to fully air dry to make your facial sponges last long.
Faces Canada facial cleansing sponge washing under water

Washing it under water

Faces Canada facial cleansing sponges drying

This is how I dry them.

Product Details
In stores I saw these reusable facial sponges in 2 varieties- the white sponges are the regular and classic choice, peach colored sponges for more of a gentle feel. Since my skin is little sensitive I choose peach colored sponges. It comes in a pack of two. To my surprise it really removed old dead skin cells and all impurities (that could block pores) and left my facial skin polished..

Price: Rs 100/- for 2 sponges

Positive points I observed with facial sponges:
1. It is very gentle and soft to skin, can be used everyday.
2. It polishes and exfoliates the skin without causing any scratches.
3. very affordable price.
4. these Facial Sponges are travel friendly.

The negative points:
1. I found t is little difficult to use it with cream cleansers as the cream gets into sponge before it could spread properly on face.
2. Thorough cleaning n drying of the sponge is very important to avoid fungal growth in them.
3. These are reusable but onle for 5-6weeks after that you have to repace it.

My final say is, since it is important to clean facial skin (specially oily skin) everyday and these facial sponges does a better job compared to my hands, I will purchase them everytime. Ya it will consume time to clean it but if I give 30min in doing a nice makeup then why can’t I give 3min to remove makeup and clean these sponge!!

So do you use facial cleansing sponges? Which brand do you use and how is your experience?



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