Faces Canada Moisture Rich Lipstick Review And Swatches


Faces Canada moisture rich lipsticks are enriched with  vitamin E and jojoba oil .These are the new lipsticks with cute packaging introduced by faces canada :).

Price Rs 349

I picked up the saffron colored  named french rose 07. It  is the most creamy lipstick I have ever used. It has transparent packaging at the bottom to figure out the colour and is decently priced.

Faces canada moisture rick lipstick
Faces Canada Moisture Rich Lipstick

Because of its creamy texture and packaging, the lipstick gets spoiled easily. I always open the lipstick from inside before buying it and when I checked few of them I found most of them already melted. SA then gave me one which was not melted but after a few days it too started melting  from the tip.If you live in high hot and humid area then this one shouldn’t be picked for sure especially in summer season.

Faces canada lipstick
Faces Moisture rich lipstick

In spite of being highly moisturized it stays for 4-5 hours  and even if I have my food the tint of the lipstick stays 🙂

Faces canada lipstick

Swatches of Faces Canada moisture rich lipstick French Rose 07

When I swatched it a thick layer came out..Now you can very well see how creamy it is.One can literally scoop it out :D.It has a smooth texture and glides beautifully on my  lips.It is Semi opaque and gives a glossy finish.Needs to be applied carefully otherwise bleeds badly.

Faces canada french rose 07
Faces canada french rose 07 swatches

It is available in many colours and quite interesting ones otherwise I rarely see a french rose colour lipstick in affordable range .

This is how it looks on me.I just touched the lipstick on my lips and spread it with lipstick brush

Faces canada moisture rich lipstick

Will I purchase again – I like the colour and texture but still it is so creamy that I am scared to use it in summers.

Wise She Rating – :yes: :yes: :yes: :no: :no:

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  1. try their eyeliner and pigments..worth a try and even eyeshadows r great..)

    and acessories of faces are quiet popular today i saw their charcoal sponge..so wanted to buy it but already have good stock with me 😀

  2. you looking goregeous anu 🙂
    the color is looking very pretty and your eye look ..
    just peeping .. pls post a closed eye as well if you can 🙂

    and one more thing
    your lips are very well shaped honey 🙂
    me and hubs were going through one of your post last night and he too mentioned …

    pls he was praising very nicely 🙂

    looking adorable as always 😀 😀

  3. Oh yes..definitely…first i thot it was the ads playing there…then i realised it was actually a slider…nice and creative i liked it 🙂 :yes:

  4. hey anamika you looking veryyyyyyyy prettttyyyyyyyyyy 😛 :-* :inlove: actually u look beautiful in anything and evrything 😛 :chic: :blush:

  5. ohh thanks a ton priyanka but i don look good in anything or everything..i try hard ::D:D and there comes the love for makeup and skincare 🙂

    how u doing…it is friiiiiiday 🙂

    • great yaar!!!!!!planning to watch 7 koon maaf this weekend..other days at office so dont get to do anything..thei have my dance classes sheeeeeesh i am sounding as of am very busy :giggle: bt am actually not.ha ha :laugh: …hey anamika eveni would like to do some posts and do reviews on products…can u mail me the details of how toproceed???????? ?:-) :cute:

  6. hey…. my frn got this same colour ..
    and hey do u kno that the transy end of the tube actually pops out and there is more product in it which u can apply using a brush.


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