Faces Canada Nail Sharper Review


Faces Cosmetics Nail Sharper

I always like to carry nail sharper with me as I find them to be  a great time pass.:D If I am bored of listening to some one I just pick one of these  and start shaping my nails :p.Especially those nail sharper which have beautiful girly designs on them.These come so  handy  just in case when  I split a nail or two.


Faces Nail shaper comes in a pack of 2 and has following features:-

  • Cushioned to perfectly contour nails
  • Water resistant
  • Dual Sided -medium/fine
  • Price – I am not sure about it but  it must be around 100 I believe.

I have also used Faces Emery Boards before and enjoyed using them and they are obviously little harsher than these.

Faces Nail Sharper Review

Direction For Use :-

Use the medium side to shape nails.Use the finer side to smooth off the nail edge to avoid splitting.

Faces Nail Filer Review

Few Tips of Filing Nails :-

  • Start filing your nails from the middle and follow one direction this is  because when we file in back and forth direction chances of splitting of nails is high.
  • When you are finished filing nails do not forget to buff them to make the ends appear smooth.
  • Following natural curve of nails when filing them is the easiest and safest  option if you suffer from split nail problem often .

What’s your nail shaping tip? Have you used Faces Canada Nail Sharper?

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  1. I luv these!!! I use a diff one..some chinese brand I guess…i’ve never used an emery board tho…i actually dont kno how to use it and how its diff from these..

  2. I never file my nails, I don’t like the sensation somehow.. But I do always carry TBS nail buffer with me. I like buffing my nails to a shiny finish :D.. I do it in the rickshaw on my way to office.. 😛


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