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I was watching Lisa Eldridge the other day doing one of her makeup videos, and one thing she always emphasizes upon is using a good brush. In fact, a good brush is possibly one of the best keys to makeup and she cannot seem to emphasize on that enough. I absolutely love her videos, and right now, cannot afford a MAC one. So it was a snap between the Colorbar, Inglot, and Faces powder brush. Inglot store, as usual, did not have it.


Faces Canada Powder Brush Review+powder brushes


And the amazing review I read of the Colorbar ‘KeepBlushing’ Blush Brush made me cringe, so I guess my choices were limited.


About Faces Canada Powder Brush:-

Faces professional make-up brushes are handcrafted using the finest material quality for the perfect make-up. They come with an impeccable grip and supremely soft and luxurious bristles to get you a highly defined flawless finish to flaunt.

Price: 499/-

Faces Canada Powder Brush Review Details+cosmetic brushes


I must say, I was not expecting this brush to be so classy to look at, but it is. Sturdy and black, with a long black handle, this brush actually reminds me of the MAC brush (I totally forgot the number, must check one of these days), both in packaging and weight. The brush comes in a lovely, travel-friendly package (which is really useful to carry more brushes) and has a protective inner cover to REALLY make sure that the bristles are left untouched.


Faces Canada Powder Brush Review Bristles holder+powder brush


The brush seems to be made of goat hair, although nowhere on the body of the brush is written the same so I will remain a skeptic, thank you very much. However, the bristles are super soft and not scratchy on my skin at all, so yes, I love that part. It easily picks up powder and distributes it evenly over my skin, and the good thing is, FACES actually has a short tutorial on the package for newbies who do not know how to use the brush. It is really good with my Rimmel face powder, which, for some reason, does not come with a sponge or applicator (WHY RIMMEL WHY??).


Faces Canada Powder Brush Review Brush Handle+makeup brush sets


The brush has a black body, with the word powder clearly written on the handle, in case you suddenly have amnesia and forget which brush to use for what. I admit, I absolutely love this brush. It is so soft on my skin! I have used other brushes and I daresay, with the price as well as value for money department, this has totally gotten the bases covered. The bristles are really soft but are really low in the fallout department. I generally wash this with a bit of baby shampoo and water and that is about it. So, yes, this brush really makes sense to me, because the bristles do not fall off, as I first was afraid they would. The only con is possibly availability, as, apart from Medplusbeauty and one store in New Market, I am yet to see this anywhere else.


Faces Canada Powder Brush Review Bristles+makeup brushes

What I like about Faces Canada Powder Brush:-


  • Great brush for using powder
  • Soft on my skin
  • Classy packaging
  • Travel-friendly
  • Easy to use


What I don;t like about Faces Canada Powder Brush:-



Rating: 5/5

Verdict: For the price this brush is totally worth every cent.


Have you tried Faces Canada Powder Brush?


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          • I’m planning to buy good makeup brushes … I’m looking for brushes that are pocket friendly and at the same time effective :p I don’t mind spending if it is worth, I just don’t want to pour money simply because of the brand value.. like some products are simple expensive for the brand name but work just as good as a not so expensive product….
            Phew!! that was a lot of explanation…. I’ve been really hunting and researching on these brushes but not able to decide! FYI, I’m using the travel set from body shop at the moment.

      • Hi Ana,
        Am deepu. I am getting married in June month. I wish i could make my skin clear and glowing. i never go to parlours for facials and bleach. i do few home remidies and try those. but still i want to make my skin glow ans improve my skin tone. can you suggest me a night cream or something else?!

  1. A budget friendly option fir sure…i like faces brushes too..sm i feel r overpriced..but evn then a gud option considering availability and quality 🙂


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