Faces Cosemtics Nail Polish Pink Ruby, Russet & Rufus Swatches


 Faces Cosmetics Nail Polish swatches – Pink Ruby, Russet & Rufus 

Faces cosmetics nail enamels are avilable in 33 shades in 12ml bottles and 24 shades in 7 ml bottle.Below swatches are from the 12ml nail polishes and each of them cost Rs 199 each.

These are just the swatches which I took at the Faces Cosmetics counter.


Shade names –


  • Faces Nail Polish Pink Ruby
  • Faces Nail Polish Russet
  • Faces Nail Polish Rufus 01


  • Pink Ruby – Opaque Red with undertones of  pink  and has a bit of glossy finish. I like using faces nail polish because it’s not thick and doesn’t leave any bubble after polishing my nails.

Faces Nail Polish Pink Ruby NOTD+Faces nail paint Pink ruby NOTD


Faces nail polish Pink ruby NOTD+ Faces nail paint pink ruby NOTD


  • Russet – This is a milky russet shade with glossy finish which too is nearly opaque .I prefer  using these shade when I like doing black and white nail art.


Faces cosmetics russet NOTD+Faces Nail Polish Russet NOTD




Faces nail paint russet notd +Faces Nail polish russet notd


  • Rufus is a rusty orange shade which is opaque and glossy.


fACES Nail paint rufus 01 notd



Faces Nail Paint rufus 01 notd+ Faces nail polish rufus 01 NOTD


Like most nail polished they do chip after 2-3 days but I like the texture of these and thankfully they do not have strong fragrance too.


Which shade did you like?


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  1. anamika
    which do u think would b better as eye pencil faces or lakmeeye pencil? had enquired abt the faces black eye pencil at pantaloons bt the stock was not there so wat would u recommend?Happy dussera to u

  2. I love neutral shades…I almost always buy only neutral nudes, pinks and reds, so I am drooling over these three!

    My favorite has to be Rufus…its such a lovely warm shade!


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