Faces Cosmetic Mirrored Cosmetic Easel Brush Set & Foundation Brush


Faces has come up with cosmetic brush set which contains four travel size brushes and also has a vanity mirror attached to it.

  • Price -INR 899

Mirrored cosmetic ease cosmetic brush set with vanity mirror


They have also introduced foundation brush separately which costs INR 1999


Faces cosmetics foundation brush


Shape of this foundation brush was similar to MAC 190 foundation brush which I have and I found it quite smooth and soft although bristles of both brushes are quite different.


Foundation brush faces cosmetics


Mirrored Cosmetic easel cosmetic brush set contains one lip brush, two eye shadow brushes and one powder brush .

Pics of the brushes follow below


Eyeshadow/Concealer  brush





Lip brush

Lip brush


Eyeshadow brush


Eyeshadow brush


Powder brush 

Powder brush




Mirrored cosmetic ease cosmetic brush set with vanity mirror



Would you like to buy Faces Cosmetics Mirrored Cosmetic Esel Brush or Foundation Brush ?


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    • i agree..the normal ones r crappy….last time i got the dual foundation/concealor brush from faces…it soaks up all d foundation…now i use it only for concealor…but these look so nice na? which faces brushes do u have?

  1. this sounds and looks perfecttttttttttttttt kit to me 😀 at 2 K what else you want 😀 it is complete kit .. right ana ?? 😀 😀
    i will see this in store if i get a luck :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

  2. My search for good brushes have I think ended with Vega PB. They are cheap and yet would make do. But I am pretty tempted by the foundation brush. How are they Ana? Planning to get one?

    • is that so? ive used just 2 ranges from Vega and dint have much luck with them but i hav heard the PBs r the best range of theirs…hav u reviewed them by any chance?

      • hii Zeeeee even i wanna get some more brushes from CS. i mean to be honest i cnt always afford to get sigma brushes (til the time i’m jobless :rotfl: ) but C.s brushes are tootally worth and good re :yes: i wanted to get their professional 32 pieces wala brush set the time they had sale going on :-((


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