Faces Cosmetic Sale At Fashion & You


All those who wanted to buyFaces cosmetics blushes which Zara reviewed after purchasing stuff from Fashion and you



Faces stacks( i am just in love with them) , I-shine quartet , faces lipsticks all are available at discounted price there.

Customer in past have faces problem with Fashion and you  but that is more in apparels and acessories. As far as i know people have not come across any problem in cosmetics.So do check out their store 🙂



Happy shopping .

Click here to reach Fashion and you website






          • I got a black one and an aqua blue one 🙂 I am worried cos i have had one really bad experience with Fashion and you, and one really good experience! I am hoping that this time it would be a good experience … 🙂

            • Ohh..wot was ur bad experience?? The worst it has ever been for me when a parcel reached me about 1.5 months later….when id almost forgotten about it.. 🙂 and another time when the product was not available and they sent me a refund cheque…its after that actually that i started ordering on COD basis..

                • it had bin pretty long ya..and it was during my net-shopping obsession period..so i had so many things coming in that i forgot bout this..hehe..now m pleased to announce that m sudhrofyed…errr…or maybe not…i cant lie to u… 😉

                  • heheh especially when CC shopping is on its way..what if i keep all yur cc product :thinking:
                    i may get tempted na and u already feel u shopped too much :evilgrin:
                    i am patting my back because i think it is an awesome idea 😉

                    • Hihi…I will send MOKP to get the stuff back..She’ll drug the pakoras..:) 🙂 and we’ll take ur make up too!! 😉 😉

    • thanks for the kind words..t wll be a pleasure if it becomes yur hang out ..because our group doesnt let any one go away without pulling their legs :D:D

      • Yeps Neha..btw, r u married? coz we have started a trend recently…of getting WiseShe-ers married off to cosmetic moguls.. 😉 😉

      • :sweat: Well, a wired thing happened, I had reached the Payment gateway, and while returning back , it said order canceled 😥 I think there is some problem with my bandwidth or the server!

          • @ Anamika- naah, Infact i just read Zaara’a Bonjouis eye kohl review, I’ll be getting that tomorrow, Sometimes things happen for the best … hehehehehe 😎 ,Also I blog Just because the writer in my wakes up every now and then and I have to pamper it :silly: , I havent kept the followers thing, because i dont blog regularly

            @zaara- Well, I have written a full fledged blog post on my bad experience in my blog, because of which I got my full refund back !!!

            • good good ..problem with fashion and you i believe is of coordination..when they get the order supplier runs out of stock or something ..though they try their best to keep the customer happy ..also , sometime the quality of the product is not that great because they don know how the product looks like.

              just my analysis 😉

        • This does happen sometimes Neha..as us said, its a server issue..U can call the FnU guys and also drop them a mail after checking whether the amount has gotten deducted from ur account. Give them the transaction details as well. Usually, the bank realises the server issue and the money is back in ur account within 3 working days. But do check with FnU customer care just to make sure…

          If u still wana make the order, i’d suggest to choose the COD option..Its much safer since there’s no chance of losing cash this way..it much better especially if ur net connection is slow or is giving some probs..

  1. zara i m unable to access fashion and you as it needs membership, tell me the procedure as i m doing online shopping first time

    • Hi nidhi..On their homepage right below the login/password tabs there is a register button…try cliking on that…if ur having difficulty finding it, send me ur mail id..i’ll send u an invite..


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