Faces Cosmetics 24 Airbrush Nails Review & NOTD


Faces Canada 24 Airbrush Nails 

If you are married, working and living alone possibility of your nail breaking down every now and then will be really high.If my nails stays with me for three weeks I thank God for it . :shy:

Faces Cosmetics new air brush nails are God sent for those who suffer from same problem like me.

  • Price – INR 200

Faces air brush nails review+Faces nail brush nail art+false maniii


This is how one needs to apply them and it  takes 10 minutesof your time .I did these while traveling in flight.


Faces false nails air brush nails India+Faces cosmetics  nail art designs


My experience Faces Cosmetics 24 Airbrush Nails :-

These are easy to use and when applied stays put whole day.These  have  nice finish and don’t look artificial from little distance although initially I did find them looking little fake .

It comes with a glue which  finished  up after three usage.Glue comes in  hard plastic tube and it was difficult for me to take it out especially when my hands almost got frozen in Delhi’s winter.


Faces nail brush nails+Nail art false nails+Faces cosmetics nail art brush nails


Each set contain around 15-20 nails and I did manage to find the size which fits into my nails but I do think some of you might face the problem of getting the exact fit.


Faces air brush nails+fase nail manicure


All in all these are worth trying for special occasions. I will just show you the different style of manicure these are available in next post

Stay tune 🙂



  1. :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: i so wanna get dis ones n d stickers.. dey r dirt cheap..will cur other posts n den decide which ones to get ..dis one is very trendy 🙂

  2. i wanted some thing which i can wear all the time and on all occasiona.. so got these ..these are not stickers . byt he way..they r falsies:P

  3. they lok fab!! Do they look embossed on naill..as in do they have a significant height on ur natural nails?? And do these stay for only one day?? i wanna know how long they wud stay?

    • Hi Kejal,

      one set has around 15-20 nails therefore probabilty of finding a suitable height on your natural nails is there..some of them were equal and some short and long..i had to adjust them accordingly..

      they stayed on my nails one day only but glue is really tight if you are gentle with your nails then they might stay long.I don know how good they will be when taken bath .

      • haa..taking bath must be difficult..i usually dont like fakeis..but m feeling like trying one. Only concern is that glue shouldnt spoil my natural nails..coz its strong. i once used rhinestones with glue..very hard to come off :-X

  4. Gosh! u wont believe i bought these exact same ones!! uthavent used them yet coz m so scared of removal : ) 🙂 even Sam mentioned u have to practically soak them in remover for a while..do let us know about the removal too A 🙂

    and tese really dont look fake at all…it kinda blends in and looks so neat n clean…

  5. awesome it is looking ana … its high time to show the world that I am into nail art 😛 😛

    I might be able to get this as I saw faces counter near my place :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:
    but one thing honey … is it easy to work in kitchen when you have this ?? or is this only for night outs ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-)

  6. they look FAB dont they? 🙂 hehehhehhehe.. but removal is an issue ya 🙁 and thoda sa damage to natural naiuls as well 🙁
    if u get it out aaram se then do let me know of your technique na 🙂

  7. i love this. will try on my nails 😀 . its said and true that destruction is easier compared to construction. this is an exception to that universal rule. i always thought removal is an easy peasy job ! looks like it isn’t 😐

  8. Hey! i have actually used these nails, and believe me they look quite natural. There are about 10-12 amazing designs which i saw at a store near my house. you may also check at UT.
    These nails stayed on till a week or so and it was easy to remove as well. After a week, it becomes very convenient to remove it by just soaking the nails in warm water. I believe the glue is dried after that. I did reapply them again. Also light house work can be done and bathing is not atall a problem.
    Also it doesn’t really damage the natural nail, you just need to buff the extra glue 🙂 hope this helps!

  9. plz help me i want to know that how many time we can use this nails,means if i remove those nails once then can we wear the same nails again….???plz reply if any one know that…..


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