Faces Cosmetics End Of Season Sale



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faces sale


Before you empty your back account you might like going through these reviews:-




    • but reds, A has already helped..shehas swtches of every possible Faces product on wiseshe..hehe…m gona yse her posts to compile my list 🙂

  1. I am sorry to say this but Faces just didn’t suit my eyes so well while doing tutorials. I ended up in antibiotics. Tried on mum too and same issue and then on another girl and the same thing. Plus when I saw a cream eyeshadow there, it was so old that it had fungus on it. Wonder what’s with the brand.

  2. went thr today…was not much impressed yaar. just got a lippy and the duraline kind of thingie…….offer is nice bt could not find anything for my liking :-(( the cream blushes were very shimmery too. 🙁

    • Jyoti all cream blushes swatches have been done here..and most of them were shimmery only..u should have checked hectic powder blushes they were nice..

      also did u check the lipstick product which helps in staying the lipstick for 6-7 hours.i wanted to try that.


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