Faces Cosmetics Lip Balm Photos & Swatches


This time Faces stacks do not have glitter in them but these are lip balms :drool:

so one gets six lip balms in one stack and at a  cost of  Rs 499 🙂

There is lip balm in red, orange , plum, red, white, and gold too I wonder what made them of that shade.

Faces cosmetics Lip balm photos and swatches One will have to carry whole stack with them while traveling as each shade doesn’t have a  separate lid over it but then it gives many choices in a single go .


Faces green lip balm Faces mint lip balm photos This one is a golden brown shade and it has tad bit of glitter in it .

Faces cosmetics brown lip balm photos and swatches Yummy plum



Faces  cosmetics lip balm cherry photos and swatches A yellowish green


Faces Cosmetics lip balm green photos and swatches

Coral Red


Faces  cosmetics lip balm red photos and swatches


 Swatches of  Faces Cosmetics Lip Balm


These are more or less of transparent shade

Faces cosmetics lip balm swatches


Faces cosmetics lip balm Faces lip balm swarcges

Do you find the lip balm stack idea interesting?

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      • I use softlips zara.. thats my hg lip balm.. other than that I like nivea and recently lipice has become my fav too 🙂 I used to like lotus ones but i dunno these days i find it very waxy.. not sure they changed thr formula or something 🙁 whats ur favorite zara 🙂


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