Faces Cosmetics Silver Delight 22 Nail Paint & NOTD


My love for nail polish began with silver nail paints only.Some how I always like them as many red use to make my hands look dull and brown and dark colours were not much of my liking unlike today.My preference  indeed have changed now but  I still like to apply Silver Nail polishes which have bit of metallic finish.


Faces Cosmetics Silver Deligh Nail Paint NOTD+Faces cosmetics silver nail paint


  • Price – 199
  • Available – On all Faces cosmetic stores and online .


Faces silver delight nail paint NOTD


Shade look much prettier than what it looks here 🙂

These kind of shades are fun to be used in office and college too  🙂


Faces Cosmetics Silver Deligh Nail Paint SWATCHES


Which is your favourite silver nail paint ?

I love my Womsee Colour Of Joy Silver wave nail paint too


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  1. Ya i love silver shades too 🙂 Presently am in the phase of loving weird colors so I have now have a collection of greens, purples, blues, pastels, golden, silver, different metallic finishes and various colors with double shades 🙂 and I love them alllllllllllll

      • Sorry for such a late reply Ana. Tomorw is my students grad day so was caught up with prep.
        i dont have fav as such dear Ana but adore street wear 🙂 Especially the shine divine collection. Have the divine black and divine blue shades in them but one pinkish mauve from the regular street wear collection.
        U have got a beautiful nail structure Ana which shows off color well and makes every color look good on ur nails.
        Other companies that I have used are coloroma, elle 18, dazzler and many Karnataka local brands too which cost about 20 bucks for 10ml and are long stay too 🙂
        Started with Etude recently. Got golden maroonish brown and silverish purple pink in them 🙂

          • just got back from the grad day. It was tiring during the formal function but later on it was fun to watch the culturals part of it.
            We 3 female colleagues met up at my place and had lunch together together after which we got ready and left for the grad hall.
            Out of us 3, one took up the responsibility of draping saree fr the other 2 while i took up the make up dept and my 3rd friend took up hair styling for the other 2.
            GOSH!!! it was so much fun getting ready and everyone at the functn kept asking us which parlour did u go for ur looks 🙂 🙂
            Even my students complemented me when i went on stage for my part of the formal function.
            Had a lovely day Ana dear 🙂

  2. gorgeous shade it is ana …. and my fav silver would be ?? ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-)

    ana …. i guess i dont have any silver this pretty :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-((

  3. After seeing this blog I changed my nail color to silver last nite. I felt soooooooooo wild. Had a gr8 day at office appreciating myself.

  4. Hey hi anamika. I just happened to come across ur blog and lemme tell u that this silver stuff u have is awesome. It luks gr8 on the nails. Am not a gay though u wud find this very gayish.its just that I have a gr8 fascination for nail colors.I luv appreciating nice colors. So just a compliment that its a nice color on ur nails.


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