Faces Cosmetics Stackable Glitter Photos & Swatches


Faces stackable glitter Photos & Swatches

Faces stackable glitter has five stacks of glitter in shades of blue, silver, pearly white, purple and brownish gold.These glitters can be used with Faces transforming gel to give that dramatic effect.

You can see Faces stackable top seller swatches here and Faces stackable sun beam here

Faces stackable glitter

  •  Price Rs – 699
  • Available in all faces cosmetics outlets sometime fashionandyou.com comes up with pigments sale as well.



Faces stackable glitter+Glitter Makeup


These glitter are thick and sticks well to the skin without much of fall.

Following are the shades

  • Silver glitter


Faces stackable silver glitter

  •  Blue glitter

Faces stackable glitter blue



  •  Golden Bronze  glitter


Faces stackable golden  glitter


  • Purple glitter


Faces stackable purple glitter

  •  White pearly glitter


Faces white glitter

 Swatches of Faces cosmetics stackable glitter


Faces stackable glitter swatches


 Swatches of Stackable glitter


Faces cosmetics stackable glitter swatches


Have you tried Faces cosmetics stackable glitters?

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    • well i don think it will be easy to wear them as eyeshadows but i don mind wearing the silver , bronze or white glitter on my brow bone in a disc 😛

  1. The colours are so pretty..bling bling….particularly the blue and the purple one..nail art!! nice idea..i will try that..i have some body glitter lying around..


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