Faces Cosmetics Waterproof Mascara Review


I bought this mascara three – four months ago and its time to say good bye to it  although I hate throwing my makeup products but if I know if I keep it I will end up using it.This is the reason I make it a point to close my eyes and throw them away when they stay with me more than three to four months.


What Faces Cosmetics Claims:-


For a stay-put lash effect for those precious events in life, this black mascara will not move.Use with FACES Gentle Eye Makeup Remover.

Price  – I don’t remember the price but I guess it must be around 300-400

Faces canada cosmetics waterproof mascara reviews

It comes in a black long round tube with silver writing . It has a bent mascara brush which is easy to use.The size of the brush and the bent mascara helps in coating lot more lashes than with normal mascara brush of Maybelline or body shop define and length mascara.


Faces waterproof mascara reviews

I also like the fact that the fragrance of the mascara is not very overpowering and I  get minimal crumbling.It does have a fall out which I have to remove some time but when it dries up my lashes they don’t feel heavy like sticks.


Faces canada cosmetics mascara reviews India+Indian beauty blog

 Swatches – It’s a thick black mascara which will give you natural looking lashes.If you are looking for thickness like Maybelline colossal than it might not turn our one of your favorite.Its more of a every day look mascara which will make eye lashes look naturally thicker not OTT thicker.

Faces waterproof mascara black swatches+Indian makeup and beauyt blog

This is how it looks on me .You can see that when it dries it does have a some bit of fall.

Faces waterproof mascara on my eyes


What I liked about Faces Cosmetics Waterproof Mascara

  • Decently priced
  • Gives natural looking mascara
  • I like bent mascara bent so it will come in my personnel likes.
  • Its waterproof and easy to remove as well.


What I do not like about Faces cosmetics waterproof mascara


  • Fall which it gives when it gets dry.
  • I like my mascara to be little voluminous than this.

Will She Rating – 3/5

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  1. awesome review anamika :-* :kissed: your eye makeup is looking fab …
    I am def. going to try faces mascara next … liked the bent brush 😀
    Neeraj suggest me this earlier and its good if this comes with the bent shape :-* :-*

  2. I love the bent shape…it breaks my heart to throw away mascaras. But it must be done…

    I have a question…I’m about to throw my mascara but do not wanna discard the wand because i can use it as a lash comb..how do I clean the wand to get the remaining product off? Since its waterproof, makeup remover hasnt done the job properly…

  3. Ana !!!!!!! even i’m facing the comment wali problem, the problem is i cant the see the latest comments in the comments also can’t reply most of the times, and also can’t see the latest comments on the “recent comments” widget 🙁 :-(( i’ve been switching off/on on various browsers :weep:

  4. Nice mascara….Please please retain the wand (after the mascara expires, just wash the wand in soap and water) and it should be fantastic to groom brows, separate clumps or u can dip it in other formula and use it again.

    Wat say?


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