Faces Eye Liner Brush Review


Faces Eye Liner Brush


Hi everybody,

Whether you are a makeup freak or not, eyeliner is one thing that 90% of the women do not forget to apply before stepping out of the house. So, eyeliners are an investment. What about the eyeliner brushes? In my opinion, a good eyeliner applicator/brush is indispensible and is definitely an investment too. Here I am reviewing today, my absolute favourite eyeliner brush from faces. Read on to know more about it.


faces eyeliner brush


Price: INR 299

Faces Eye Liner Brush is a refined and smartly designed cosmetic product that allows very fine application of eyeliner at your inner as well as outer lash line. The brush is tapered at top with stiff bristles to allow good control.

Faces Eye Liner Brush could be conveniently held in your hands and one could gradually increase the pressure to widen the eye highlight. Also, the narrow point allows you to put dots between the lashes when you dress your eyes with a perfect and shimmering evening eye makeup.


faces brush eyeliner


Features and Benefits

  • Ergonomically designed
  • For wet as well as dry eye liner application
  • Helps in ultra thin application
  • Synthetic bristles are safe to the eyes

My experience with Faces Eye Liner Brush:

I personally love black bodied makeup tools and this one is no exception. It is a long slender black bodied brush with ‘eyeliner’ printed on it. The lengthy body of the brush allows ease in application and proper control over the motion of the brush. I absolutely love the classy look of faces brushes- the individual ones. They deliver more than what they are priced at, I think.

The bristles are very densely packed which makes them great to work with. These bristles do not seem to change their form even after repeated usage. This is the best feature they have, in my opinion. The densely packed bristles are firm and remain together at all times which give precise application. I don’t like brushes whose bristles point in different directions after few usages. This brush is great in this manner. Also, the bristles are synthetic and as I said they remain firm while application as well; they do not bend or lose their shape while drawing lines.


faces eye liner brush

The shape of the bristles is straight at the base and tapered on the tip which allows you to create both thin and thick lines. You just have to adjust your hand a little in order to get thin or thick lines.

The bristles do not shed with wash. I have washed this in every way and with different liquids each time, but I did not see any bristles coming out. Also, it takes me just two minutes to rinse off all the collected eyeliner with a cleanser or shampoo and then I leave to dry in air/sunlight.


faces liner brush


Overall, I am using this brush from the last 6 months and I love it totally. I highly recommend this to girls who want an excellent brush at a budget price.

What I like in Faces Eye Liner Brush:

  • Classy black body.
  • Long body brings ease of use.
  • The bristles are firm and synthetic which do not change shape while drawing lines.
  • The tip is tapered which allows to create both thick and thin lines
  • No bristle shedding even after repeated washes.
  • The bristle ends are not hampered with time
  • Storage pouch in which it comes is an added advantage though I have lost mine.
  • Decent pricing

What I do not like in Faces Eye Liner Brush:

  • Nothing at all

Rating: 5/5

Until next time, take care!

Have you tried Faces Eye Liner Brush?

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