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Faces Canada Cosmetic

At times, you might get tired of using your fingertips to use a good foundation, and use a brush instead. Apart from being way more convenient and sanitary, using a foundation brush also help deliver the exact strokes that you might need to cover a particular area with the foundation, and it is quite a surprise to see a mostly inexpensive brand come up with stuff which is pretty good.


Faces Foundation and Concealer Brush Review+foundation and concealer+foundation brush


I am talking about Faces Canada.

About Faces Foundation And Concealer Brush:-

This brush is perfect for application of liquid cream, powder or stick foundation. The ultra-fine bristles of the foundation brush make blending easy to give a flawless finish. The soft concealer brush allows application in hard to reach the under-eye or face areas and applies concealer evenly for beautiful, perfect camouflage.

  • Price: 159/-


Faces Foundation and Concealer Brush+foundation concealer+foundation brushes


My experience with Faces Foundation and Concealer Brush:

The brush in question is the foundation and concealer brush which is dual-ended. The two sides of the brush make it easy for the user to carry it as it does the job of two brushes easily. However, I have found even better applications for this brush.



Faces Brush Review+how to apply foundation+foundation with a brush


The brush has a comfortable grip which is quite easily manipulated by your strokes. The density of the bristles is quite high, with virtually no bristle falling off. Also, the foundation end of the brush is great if you want to blend in face powder and can be used as a highlighter brush. I have often used it as a light brush over my cheeks to apply powder blush with a light hand and it has proved itself there. The application is quite smooth and even. It picks up the foundation mostly evenly, and gives good coverage. I have discovered that if I use the brush around my chin and nose area, the coverage is very slightly streaky, so maybe a couple of seconds of extra work is needed there. However, that is not a big deal for me.

As for the concealer end, I have used that as both a concealer brush as well as an eye shadow contour brush. The brushes have really soft bristles which do not hurt my eyes in any way, and I love the way the brush picks up the concealer without being too gloopy.


Faces Foundation and Concealer Brush Review Makeup brush+foundation with concealer+cosmetics


Cleaning is easy. What I generally do is soak the brushes in a bit of makeup remover for a few minutes before washing off with lukewarm water. Works like a charm. The bristles, unlike a lot of other silly things, stay put and till now, has not been ruffled.


What I like about Faces Foundation and Concealer Brush:-


  • Economic
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish to look at
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used for many purposes
  • Bristles do not hurt skin in any way


What I don’t like about Faces Foundation and Concealer Brush:-


  • Blending might be an issue

Verdict: 4.5/5

Overall, I would give this brush top marks for being travel-friendly, easy to maintain and quite inexpensive.


Have you tried Faces Foundation And Concealer Brush?


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  1. Was eagerly waiting for someone to review it, as I was in two minds for this brush. Thanx Poorna. Now I’l get it.

  2. M so glad it worked for u..it didnt work for me somehow..I luved the concealor end of it but I found it sucks in too much foundation and I had t use double the amt…but yea, this is gr8 to start wid…

    i luv Faces eye brushes…gud quality and lasts a long time unlike some brands like Vega n all…

  3. I prefer stippling brush for foundie’s actually..otherwise my CS foundie brush is perfect for concealing and foundie applciation…

    really nice product n budget friendly! :-))


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