Faces Cosmetics Glam On Duo Eyeshadow :Photos & Swatches


 Faces Glam On Duo Eyeshadow 

Advanced long-wear with powdery texture and crease-proof formula, is all what it takes to define Faces Glam On duo Eye Shadow. Designed as two lovely pools of color and packed along with two-sided applicator, it is easy to apply and can easily blend along with other colors.

Leaves you with those enchantingly dreamy eyes!

  • Price – Rs 399


These are decently priced, nicely pigmented eyeshadows with in an inbuilt mirror and a sponge applicator.


Faces Glam On Duo Eye Shadow – Pink Orchid 11 - It has lavender and peach shade .A nice shade for everyday use though I find peach little powdery.


Facesglam on pink orchid 12 +Faces eyeshadow duo +Faces glam on pin orchid


Faces Glam On Duo Eye Shadow – Forest Mauve 12 -  I liked this duo the most .It has a light khaki green and pink plum shade.


faces glam on pink 11+Faces glan on pink eyeshadows green and plum


Faces Glam On Duo Eye Shadow – Mystic Blue 13 – consist of  two  shades of blue .



Faces glam on pink 13+Faces eyeshadow duo+Glam on pink 13 eyeshadows


Faces Glam On Duo Eye Shadow – Amethyst 16 –  has nice copper shade and peach golden shade with no shimmer.


Faces glam on pink 16+Faces glam on pink eyeshadow duo +Pink


Swatches :–  Forest Mauve 12, Pink Orchid 11, ,Mystic Blue 13 , Amethyst 16,

Faces glam on pink swatches 12, 11, 13, 16,


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  1. :jittery: Loved the Khaki green and mauve combo and the last one the copper shade and peach golden shade.. Have been hunting for the faces nail polish kit in Chennai eversince i read you review. I am not getting it any where :duh: bad luck :duh:

  2. Loved all… I was searching for its swatches today and u posted it here.. :tap-dance: :tap-dance: ..
    LOVE U..
    There is one more na? smokey look… :smoke:


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