Faces Glam OnEyeshadow Pure Gold Review, Swatches


Hey people! Don’t you love eye shadows? Don’t you love the way they make your eyes look all sultry, dark and dangerous? Or innocent, pretty and sweet? Well, I love eye shadows. One day, I will show you my collection and then watch you guys faint.

I will, too.

Faces Glam OnEyeshadow Pure Gold Review+ faces+ gold eyeshadow-001

Here is what the company claims and what the product contains. I’m lazy so I took a photo.

Faces Glam OnEyeshadow Pure Gold Review+ faces-001

First things first, I love the way this eye shadow is dead easy to find. Because it has got a transparent top, so I can find it easily. Unlike a lot other brands, the shadow is quite intensely pigmented, and one swipe gives me the color I want. I generally use an eye shadow brush to put this on. The pack has a flip top and no mirror or applicator is there with it. This might be a problem with a lot of people. For me, since I use brushes and do not carry eye makeup when I am out, it does not matter.

  • Price: 249/-
  • Quantity: 2 gm. (will last me a long time)

Faces Glam OnEyeshadow Pure Gold Review+ faces cosmetics-001

Now, for the important part – how long does this stay? Well, my honest opinion would have been “forever” but I’ll be less frank and say, I have seen this stick to my slightly oily lids, without base makeup for 4-5 hours easily, and when I have used base makeup, it sticks for more than 10 hours. I have used this around 11 in the morning, and when I returned around 11 in the night, the color was still there, perfectly fine, and minimum creasing.

Okay, I love this a little….

…..No, maybe I love this a lot.Faces Glam OnEyeshadow Pure Gold Review+ faces canada-001

Swatches of Faces Glam OnEyeshadow Pure Gold

This is just a single swipe 🙂

Faces Glam OnEyeshadow Pure Gold Review+ faces gold eyeshadow swatch-001


Faces Glam OnEyeshadow Pure Gold Review+ faces eyshadow swatch-001

I do love the color. It goes perfectly with very traditional makeup, and well, truth to be told, not too suited for day wear (but perfect when I go clubbing, or wear a salwaar/saree with gold tones). The color is just this sexy slightly bronzy gold, with tiny shimmers and a pearly finish, and it’s perfect for me to blend. Goes gorgeously with moss green and dark brown too. And okay, get this – Virtually NO fallout. NIL. ZIP. ZILCH. Okay, not unless you actually shake the brush very very hard. Now, don’t you love that?

It has to be removed with a cleanser though, otherwise, the pigments stay.

Why I like the Faces Glam OnEyeshadow Pure Gold:

  • Lovely color
  • Sturdy and simple to locate packaging
  • Very pigmented and will not get off easily
  • Great Value for Money
  • Long wearing time
  • Minimum creasing
  • No fallout

Why I don’t like the Faces Glam OnEyeshadow Pure Gold:

  • No applicator
  • No mirror
  • Not really suitable for day wear

Verdict: 4/5

Will I Repurchase: When this gets over (if it does) I will. This is a keeper.


Have you tried the Faces Glam OnEyeshadow Pure Gold:


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  1. I have the pink one from this collection and have to say its quite good for the price..This shade is amazing as well…loved ur review too Poorna and we all want to see ur lovely eyeshadow collection…pakka we wont faint unless it is as huge as Zara’s blush collection

    • Seems so .. And oh so pretty gold .. this is wedding season and this looks very tempting to buy .. Shivi .. kishi is adorable !!! i esp like the one where she is sitting inside the bag .. and another one I commented on .. :heart: .. see my snowfire .. 🙂


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