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Faces Kajal Review:


Faces Kajal Review+FACES cosmetics kajal reviews


Claims about Faces Kajal:

-          Beautiful Eyes Beautiful Everyday

-          Contains Almond oil which is known to promote eyelash growth

-          Lasts for several hours

-          Ginkgo biloba prevents ageing of under eye skin

-          Lead-free FACES Kajal is safer for your skin


How to use:

Kajal reviews faces cosmetics



-          Ensure your eyes are clean

-          Glide FACES Kajal on the lower eye lid from the inner to outer edge

-          Repeat the same on your upper eyelid

-          For a thick Kajal look, apply twice to thicken the lines


  • Price: Rs.99 for 3 g


Kajal reviews faces canada


My experience with Faces Kajal:

Faces as a brand is getting popular day by day. Their cosmetics as well as accessories are of pretty good quality. I am glad that I purchased their Kajal.

Faces Kajal stands far better if you compare it to any of the other Kajal. I do not mind if the Kajal fades away. But I hate when Kajal smudges and getting down to my under eye area. That looks hell giving the face the worst look. Faces Kajal is just the way I want it to behave. In short, Faces Kajal does not smudge, but only fades after few hours.


  • Package – A twist up case with a mirror attached in the cap. The cap opens and shuts with a click, just like a standard lipstick case.
  • Texture – The Kajal texture is very smooth and glides very neatly on the waterline of the eyes. The Kajal is not hard and application is totally mess free. The swatch looks oily and shiny; this texture makes the application easy.
  • Color intensity – The color is jet deep black with just 2 swipes. It gives a very attractive black rim to the eyes making it very noticeable.

Swatch – 1) Light hand single swipe, 2) Normal hand single swipe, 3) Normal hand three swipes.


pigmented kajal faces+faces canada kajal swatches


  • Smudging – As mentioned earlier, it does not smudge nor does it spread around the eyes when used on the lower water line. Though it looks creamy, it does not bleed down to the under eye area.
  • But, as suggested in the package, if it is used on the upper eyelid, it spreads everywhere. It is not to be used on skin area. For upper eyelid there are so many eyeliner options. Faces Kajal cannot replace the eyeliner.
  • Staying Power – It stays good for half a day and then on it begins to fade. I would not mind reapplying again once in between.


Do not follow the package instructions for using. This Kajal behaves badly if used on eye lids (lower or upper). It is good only on water line.

Final verdict, I am happy with my non-smudging Faces Kajal purchase.


Rating: 4/5

Have you tried Faces Kajal?

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  1. wow that so nice to have another kajal whicg doesn’t smudge ! I am currentlly loving my hashmi kajal as it is doesn’t smudge on me! One of my best friend uses this and even her name is chandni too 🙂

  2. To find a kajal that does not smudge is really a rare find. I’m so happy with this brand for the quality. Pity they withdrew their regular blushline.
    Their Longstay liner in solid black is awesome. Shall try this one now 🙂

  3. I got this as a gift when I shopped heavily from faces !!! It’s way too thick as we go lower the stick !! And thus we cannot use it directly .. You need a brush or have to apply with fingers !!

    Rightly said this works only in waterline .. Lashline application is a sure shot way to get panda eyes !!!

    And as for quantity .. This one comes a long long way !!!

    Great review Chandu !!!


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