Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Navy Blue Review & Swatches



By Salomi Das

Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Navy Blue

All my life I have been using the black kajals/eyeliner pencils, but sometimes, once in a while I like to paint the yes with some different dark shade. Now-a-days, most of the eyeliner pencils come with either glitter or some kind of shimmery/silvery shade which at times looks awful. I have been looking for a dark matte blue/brown shade since forever, until one day I came across the Faces counter. Let’s see how the navy blue liner worked for me.


Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Navy Blue


About Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil:

Soft gentle pencils in a rainbow of shades. Use them to enhance your natural eye color for dramatic effect or give you that bright-eyed glow. Gentle and safe for sensitive eyes.

Shades available:

Price: Rs 349


Faces Long Wear Pencil Navy Blue


My experience with Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Navy Blue:

These long wear pencils come in a black wooden pencil form with a colored cap of the same shade. The texture of this pencil is a bit creamy and soft which makes it very easy to glide on the eyelids without any tugging or pulling. The pigmentation is excellent which makes the product standout actually. The color is a gorgeous matte blackish navy blue without any hint of shimmer or glitter.


Faces Eye Pencil Navy Blue


It can be a very good substitute for kajal. The pencil can easily be used on the waterline. It didn’t cause any irritation or burning sensation on my eyes. The eyeliner is water proof as well as smudge-proof. When the color is worn alone, it looks beautiful and brightens the eye.

The pencil is not retractable but sharpening won’t be a bother at all and the product is not wasted in sharpening. Overall, it is a must-have in your beauty stash. For removing it, you either require an effective eye-make up remover or you can use almond/coconut oil to remove it. About the price, I would say it is okay.


Faces Navy Blue Eye Pencil  swatch


What I like about Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Navy Blue:

  • A gorgeous matte-navy blue color without any shimmer.
  • Pigmentation is awesome and comes out clean with a single swipe.
  • When used on the waterline, it doesn’t sting the eyes at all.
  • Texture is smooth and creamy and glides easily without any tugging or pulling.
  • Smudge proof. (if you don’t rub your eyes vigorously)
  • Waterproof.
  • Sharpening doesn’t cause much of the product wastage.

What I don’t like about Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Navy Blue:

  • Pencil needs to be sharpened, as many people prefer retractable ones.
  • Missing list of ingredients. That gives me a second thought when using it on my waterline.


Faces Navy Blue Eye Pencil  EOTD


Will I recommend it? Definitely! As I mentioned it is a beautiful matte navy blue shade that is a must have when sometimes you are completely bored with black gothic kajals.

Will I repurchase it? This is the 2nd one I’m using and I would definitely purchase once I’m finished with this one.

Rating: 4.8/5

Have you tried Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Navy Blue ?

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