Faces Magic EyeLiner(Brown)Review


Faces DipLiner – 13 Brown

The way pencil eyeliner gives soft looks to eyes liquid eyeliner especially brown pops up the eyes without making the eyeliner look harsh.Looks best on those who have brown or black eyes.:)

  • Faces Magic liner Liquid formulation used to enhance, shape and draw attention to the eye. Choose from either a brush or felt tip based on your personal preference in application. Does not run or smudge easily.
  • Price – Sadly I threw the carton away and  don’t know exact price. I guess it was of Rs 250 or something but I am not sure.Please correct me if you know.
  • Available at – In all faces counters mostly in pantaloons and big bazaar.
  • Quantity -2.5ml
  • Colors – Available in black and brown colour

Faces Magic Liner Brown

  • Eyeliner has a thick strong tip which is easy for those who are beginner in makeup but applying a thin life from  this eyeliner is little difficult.

Faces eyeliner review

  • Swatches of Faces Magic Liner Brown – It is a chocolate-brown colour which gives a little glossy look which goes on really smooth and  the colour is buildable.

Faces Magic liner swatches brown

This is how it looks on my eyes.

  • Faces Magic Liner in bown
  • Eyeliner doesn’t smudge much and stays put for 5-6 hours easily.
  • Dries fast

Dislike :-

  • Yukky smell :pain: which though vanishes away when it  dries .
  • Little difficult to take it off.
  • Difficult to apply winged eyeliner with its tip

Will I re-purchase – No, I don’t think so 😛 provided they bring some interesting colours other then  mundane black and brown’

Wise She Rating – 3/5


    • with black eyeliner yur eyes will look more small..but with thin brown eyeliner they looks nice and beautiful..

      and girls please start thinking that everything will look goodon you..atleast this is what i think :))

      • And wise people like ME and Ok you too…… understand their chaal…. 😀 😀 😀
        stupid company waale apne aap ko zyada intelligent samajhte hain :smug: :smug: :smug:

  1. Hi Annu, its such beautiful brown, but how I hate strong tips. Even I can make do with a crappy brush but not with felt tips or strong tips. 🙁 I always thought I’m the only person with this problem. Never knew you were also in my club: 🙂 It also looks a bit sheeny. Would you recommend? Did you onserve the black one? Is it sheeny too?

    • oh you dont like felt tip… i toh love felt tip…. they give me more beautiful line than brush… it depends on personal ease at the end :beauty: …..

      • I so agree with you meenu. I have been using liner since I was 14 or 15. May be because I’m so used to brushes I feel more comfortable. I tend to poke my eyes with hard tip brushes. 🙁

  2. Good Morning….nice colour….i might pick this up this week….Anu in which Big Bazaar did you find this…the one in Tarnaka doesnot have a Faces counter..

  3. Hi, thanks for dropping by. I am a follower!! You can follow back if you wish. You are a veteran though 🙂

    I also purchased a brown lakme pencil. But somehow it shows only when seen very closely! I think this is a bit brighter.


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