Faces Maroon Indian Vermillion Sindoor Photos & Swatches


Faces Sindoor -Maroon

Those who liked Lakme Jewel sindoor might like Faces Maroon sindoor as well.

It comes in a long see through tube with a soft applicator tip.

Faces Cosmetics Maroon Indian Vermillion Sindoor Photos and swatches+indian beauty blog

 Price Rs 95 for 6.5ml where as in Lakme one gets 4.5ml in same prize.


Faces Maroon Indian Vermillion Sindoor photos and swatches

 Swatches of Faces Maroon Sindoor.

Faces Cosmetics Maroon Indian Vermillion sindoor swatches

It’s neither too thick nor too thin in consistency

Faces cosmetics indian vemillion sindoor swatches


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  1. Wow seeing for the first time., nice one . I have one from lotus and lakme too. so may be buy this once both get over ..
    after all I dont wear sindoor on a regular basis.
    but nice one.

  2. yes very much. but somehow I skip wearing it he he he. i wear it only if I go for some weddings or temples or more importantly my in laws place ha ha ha
    but my hubs like me wearing it though :laugh:

            • toe rings wow!!
              changing it to matching dress wow
              zara U must be too organized
              here we dont have that compulsory practice of wearing toe rings.
              but when I was in chennai, I remember all ladies used to look me down for not wearing a toe ring..
              and then I forced myself to buy one. somehow I dont know how to wear it intact. it often slips off may be I have a peculiar toe haha
              so thought of giving it up. and I dont wear toe rings at all.

              • actually Mitha after spending about 20yrs of my life as a tomboy m now a total gurly gal..maybe m trying t make up fr lost time! hehe…whether its bangles or liners, everything..m crazy bout it all!

                  • haha! i used t do that too..and my mom used t use that shingaar wala which used t leave a red tint after washing..and once mom asked me y is ur forehead red! and i was so embarrased!!

                    • heheheh :rotfl::rotfl: i wish chutki bhar sindoor dialogue had come at that age..u could have told her na 😉 maa this chutki bhair sindoor on my head :rotfl:

  3. This is nice! I’ve never tried any of the sindoors… Ana, how is it worn? I have seen some girls and aunties wearing it but wasn’t too good… Discourages me from even trying it. How can one make it look good?

  4. the color is so RED … i mean deep dark marron isnt it ?
    i love these kind of shades and so in love with sindoors …. 😀 😀
    use lakme one though which is great


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