Faces Matte Nail Lacquer 154 Love You Matte Review & NOTD


Faces Matte Nail Lacquer 154 Love You Matte


Hi everybody,

How are summers coming along for you people? As far as I am concerned, its taking a toll on me already. Delhi gets just too hot to handle in this season and all I can think of is dwelling in an AC cave unless things get better outside. 😛

If I think about it otherwise summers are all about bright colors- bright clothes, bright lip colors and nail lavquers too. On top of that if I talk about pinks, will you be more than interested now? If the answer is yes, read on!


Faces Matte Nail Lacquer 154 Love You Matte


Price: INR 229

About Faces Matte Nail Lacquer:

Shiny glossy nail polish can look a bit tired, but adding a matte finish?  How smart!  These breathtaking shades will make your nails stand out from the crowd and glow. It’s trendy, chic, and ads a new dimension to your nails.

My experience with Faces Matte Nail Lacquer 154 Love You Matte:

Faces have really really beautiful vibrant colors in their nail lacquer collection. I bet you cannot have just one once you start trying. So was the case with me, I picked 4 of them- 2 mattes, I high shine and 1 from their professional range of nail lacquers. Needless to say I love matte ones the most.


Faces Matte Lacquer Love You Matte


This particular shade is a bright carrot pink which was immediate attention grabbing material for a girly girl like me. You’ll fall in love with the kind of matte it turns out to be after it dries on application. The applicator brush in this nail lacquer is very appropriate and would ease quick application. Though the SA said, shades from this range require 2 coats in most cases but this one gave me opaque coverage in 1 coat itself. For the pictures, I have applied single coat only. It dries out within 30-40 seconds and sets to a beautiful matte finish.

I had high expectation with its staying power as the SA said they are going to last around a week on my nails but with a single coat they last for 2-3 days only. I could see the color fading off from the tips in 2 days itself. That also depends on how many times your hands and nails are put to wash. I, being in the medical profession, have to wash my hands over 20 times a day. So naturally the nail paint is not going to last as much. If I apply double coat, it remains the same for 5-6 days and then you can see it chipping off from the ends. On my feet which are not subject to washing for such repeated times, it lasted over7-8 days before I could notice any fading off of the lacquer. So the staying power is pretty good.


Faces Nail Lacquer Love You Matte


Overall, I am bowled over by the matte shades and the quality I get is also great. In my opinion you MUST try some of the shades from the matte collection and I am sure you’ll end up liking them a lot. They have a matte black as well which I wanted to try but my profession does not allow me to. May be I would buy it for some special occasion. Sky blue and neons are also on my list from the matte collection.


Faces Matte Nail Lacquer Love You Matte NOTD


What I like about Faces Matte Nail Lacquer 154 Love You Matte:

  • Very pretty carrot pink shade.
  • Gorgeous matte finish on drying.
  • Looks really classy.
  • Stays on for a decent amount of time, depending on your lifestyle.
  • Bottle is sturdy.
  • Price is decent enough as well.

What I do not like about Faces Matte Nail Lacquer 154 Love You Matte:

  • Nothing at all.

It is one beautiful nail lacquer you MUST own.

Rating: 5/5

Until next time, take care!

Have you tried Faces Matte Nail Lacquer 154 Love You Matte?

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