Faces Matte Nail Polish 162 Green Versus Matte Review & NOTD


Faces Matte Nail Polish 162 Green Versus Matte


Hi everybody,

Matte nail paints are something I am really digging into these days. I even made one of my ‘soon to be bride’ friend keep 5 matte nail paints in her kitty. 😉 This is one gorgeous green who everybody around me hated seeing in the bottle but fell in love at the moment I applied it. Read on to know more.


Faces Matte Nail Polish


Price: INR 229.

About Faces Matte Nail Polish:

Shiny glossy nail polish can look a bit tired, but adding a matte finish?  How smart!  These breathtaking shades will make your nails stand out from the crowd and glow. It’s trendy, chic, and ads a new dimension to your nails.


Faces Matte Green Versus Matte


My experience with Faces Matte Nail Polish 162 Green Versus Matte:

Faces have really beautiful collection in matte nail lacquers as I told you before. This is my second matte from their range and I do not seem to contain my love towards these. Also, how cute are the names they’ve given to the shades. Shade names are another feature I found to be very attractive about these nail paints.

This particular shade is a gorgeous green which is somewhere a mixture of bottle green and mehndi green. This looks quite shimmery and glossy kind of nail paint when you peep through the bottle but it is not the case after application. You’ll fall in love with the kind of matte it turns out to be after it dries. This would be an awesome pick both for western as well as ethnic outfits. It is also one of those 5 shades I made my friend purchase. The applicator brush in this nail lacquer is very appropriate and would ease quick application. This shade requires 2 coats of application like the SA said. This one does not give opaque coverage in 1 coat. It comes out to be quite sheer in one coat; let that dry completely then go for a second coat. One coat dries out within 20-30 seconds and sets to a beautiful matte finish.


Faces Nail Polish Green Versus Matte


I have applied double coat for the pictures and it stayed the same for 5 days before I could spot any fading off from tips. On my feet which are not subject to washing for as many times as hands; it lasted over 8-9 days before I could notice any fading off of the lacquer. So the staying power is pretty good. It is better than most of the other brand nail paints that I have used.

I did not notice any kind of yellowing of the nails with both the shades I have reviewed so far.


Faces Matte Nail Polish Green Versus Matte


Overall, I am bowled over by the matte shades and the quality I get is also great. In my opinion you MUST try some of the shades from the matte collection and I am sure you’ll end up liking them a lot. I guess I’d pick up some more of these now.

What I like in Faces Matte Nail Polish 162 Green Versus Matte:

  • Gorgeous green matte shade.
  • Perfect matte finish on drying.
  • Would be apt to go with both western and ethnic attires.
  • Would suit women of all age and all types; very versatile shade.
  • Looks really classy.
  • Stays on for a no. of days with two coats.
  • Bottle is sturdy.
  • Price is decent enough as well.

What I do not like in Faces Matte Nail Polish 162 Green Versus Matte:

  • Nothing at all.

It is yet another beautiful nail lacquer you MUST own.

Rating: 5/5

Until next time, take care!

Have you tried Faces Matte Nail Polish 162 Green Versus Matte?

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