Faces Metaliglow 03, 01, 02 Photos & Swatches


Faces Metaliglow

European award-winning lightly textured lotion, flowing with iridescent shimmer. A product so inimitable it has a dual performance. Due to its quick setting, non-smudging capabilities it is a necessity for all eye shadow wearers. Voted Top Eye Primer by FACES customers, this product extends, intensifies and holds eye shadow, allowing eyes to look runway perfect all day long! Prevents eye shadow from creasing. Apply to eye lids before applying eye shadow or wear alone for a veil of color wherever desired.

Metaliglow can also be used alone. Or, mix it with your favorite lotion and use it all over your face and body to highlight, shimmer and create a sun kissed bronzed look for a sexier you!

Faces metaliglow illuminator photos & Swatches

  • Price Rs 499
  • Quantity – 15ml



Faces cosmetics metaliglow 03 illuminator photos and swatches

It’s quite a multipurpose product and can be used as an illuminator, eye primer or can be mixed with any lotion as a body highlighter.It can also be used as a bronzer.

These are available in four shades and I am swatching three  here.


Faces cosmetics metalliglow 03, 01, 02

Swatches of metaliglow (From Lto R)

03,01, 02

Faces Cosmetics metaliglow 03, 01,02 swatches

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