New Faces Fragrant Nail Paint Remover Review


Holla nail paint addicts!

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We all love wearing nail paints, right? Nail paints make our hands look so much more interesting and beautiful and with summer knocking at the door, it’s all about pinks and oranges and all bright colours. But removing it is such a pain which all girls know. A great nail paint remover is a must when it comes to easy nail paint removing and we have a great option for you – The Faces Nail Paint Remover. Scroll down to know more!

Product claims:


135 INR for 30 ml


The nail paint remover from Faces comes in a transparent glass bottle with a black cap. All nail polish removers have this same kind of packaging and this is no different from them. The price along with other necessary information is written on the bottle itself. Overall, this is a very normal and decent packaging.

My take on the product:

The nail paint remover is lemony in colour which looks really fresh. The nail paint remover quickly removes the nail paint and still doesn’t dry out the nails like other normal nail paint removers do. This product has less chemical in it which is a big yay but has a strong smell. Though I have no issues with the fragrance part, many people with sensitive noses will be annoyed.

Overall, I feel this is quite a normal nail paint remover that removes nail paint quite easily and quickly. It can be tried once if you love trying out nail paint removers from different brands.


  • Removes nail paint quickly and easily
  • Doesn’t dry out nails
  • Less chemical in it
  • The colour of the nail paint remover is lemony and looks fresh


  • Glass packaging which can break
  • Has a strong smell that can annoy people with sensitive nose

Watch the full video on Faces Here


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