Faces Pumice Stone Review And Top Five Uses of Pumice Stone


By Prerana Sharma,

Pumice Stone- Its Origin, Various Uses, Cleaning and storage methods

Faces Canada cosmetics were launched in India on 2009, although I didnt tried much of their makeup brushes (which is highly priced) and its cosmetics but one thing I love using is Faces pure pumice stone which I got just for Rs 80/-.We all girls are well aware of pumice stone and use it for scrubbing dead skin from our feet, but there are some more interesting uses of pumice stone which very few of us know. First let me tell you a little piece of information which I got to know, Pumice is a volcanic rock. When a volcanic eruption takes place the frothy lava mixes with water, rapid pressurization and cooling of lava (due to mixing with water),  lava turns into a solidified rock and forms the pumice. 

Cleaning Deposits
if the water that is supplied to you is hard water, you will see that white enamel toilet bowl collects mineral deposits over a period of time. Pumice stone can be rubbed over it to clean them.

Removes Paint rust
A pumice stone can be employed to remove rust from a hard metal as well.
Wet the stone. Gently rub the edge of the stone on the rusted part in back and forth motion. Wipe the residue that has collected with a damp cloth. Allow the metal to dry.
Taking out Splinters
Very few of us know that a pumice stone can take out a splinter (a very thin and sharp piece of wood, glass or any hard substance)Soak the skin in warm water so that the pores open out. Then take the pumice stone and rub the splintered area in a circular motion. Then dry the skin and remove the splinter easily.
Removing Hair from legs
One of the other pumice uses is that you can use the pumice stone to remove hair. However this is mainly employed for leg hair. Legs are not as sensitive as the other areas on the body. Therefore only use pumice stones to remove (gradually) the hair that grows on legs.(hair isn’t removed instantly like waxing ok!!)
Soap the legs into a frothy foam (loofas can froth best). Take a pumice stone and gently rub the leg, one leg at a time, using circular motions. Wash off the soap and moisturize immediately (this is done to prevent inflammation).
Smoothing Feet
While taking a bathing or doing pedicure it is used to smooth rough spots on your feet. It can also effectively reduce corns and calluses. Depending on how rough your feet are, or how many corns and calluses you have, or how big they may be, you should use a pumice stone two to three times a week.

How to Clean a Pumice Stone
After every time you use pumice stone you have to clean it well. You can do this by swishing it in soapy water. Then, rinse it well with clean water.
Sometimes you can also scrub it lightly with a stiff brush and soapy water, rinse and dry it well. The best place to store a pumice stone is in a place where it gets plenty of air and dry out. I store mine on my shower rack. It drip-dries there nicely.
How many uses of pumice stone have you done?


  1. i agree…nice 1..even my dadi says dat….if we use it like frm a long tym..d hair growth reduces too..n smoothes out rough skin..

  2. i have never used it, and this is the first time i am even seeing it, i am such a novice 🙂
    hey do u know any brand of jojoba oil and witch hazel, every store in pune gives me a blank stare when i ask them Jojoba oil or witch hazel, i have been embarassed enough :'(

  3. the word "hairy" itself is hilarious…… n by being hairy do you think that we are soem kind of (hairy) bear or something. …..

  4. u get jajoba oil in hyper city…in pune..,,..foresst essential must be having it.

    what r u goign to with witch hazel?/acne??

  5. dear candy..

    please don be lethargic and go for waxing..this will not solve waxing problem as much as u r thinking..

  6. Annnnnuuuu…. where did u pick up forest essentials and khadi products ?? i want to get a few Khadi stuff and ofcourse Forrest Essentials too


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