Faces Sparkle Dust Pigment/Loose Eyeshadow#37 Review


Faces Sparkle Dust 37 Review

Faces sparkle dust pigments are available in 7-8 build up stacks as well as individual stacks.They are called sparkle dust because of the subtle shimmer present in them.Last time I bought Faces sunbeam which has different shades of gold and bronze.

What Faces Cosmetics says about Sparkle Dust

Over 30 shades of high pigment shimmer powders. Made from 100% Mica these loose powder, mineral-based pigments are in demand! The versatility of the product allows them to be used alone or mixed with your favorite nail polish and lip gloss to create many new shades and looks! Sold individually or in stacks, use them to dress up your current eye look or to create shimmery, sultry eyes. Mix with FACES Eye Magic or Metaliglow eye primer to achieve a dramatic look that will make heads turn.

Price -Rs 300 (not sure about the exact price as I removed the outer covering)


Faces cosemtics sparkle dust/pigments shade 37 review

Faces shade 37 is a beautiful lavender colour.It is a loose powder with shimmer which doesn’t smudge and stays for 3-4 hours on my eyes.Its quite a multi tasking  product .One can add the sparkle dust in transparent nail paint and make nail polishes or one can even make coloured shimmery  glosses with it .

Faces Cosmetics Sparkle dust 37 Review

Sparkle dust stays for 3- 4 hours easily on my eyes and it is highly pigmented.It comes in a see through plastic jar packaging and is easy to carry while traveling.With this these sparkle dust won’t irritate or itch eyes :),  is not chalky and blends easily.

Faces Cosmetics sparkle dust shade no 37 review

Swatches of Faces Sparkle Dust Pigment/Loose Eyeshadow shade 37


It is a bright lavender shade but it is not overly pigmented and has minimum of fall.

tches of Faces sparkle dust shade 37


  • Will I recommend it to others – Yes,Sparkle dust are a must try only thing is it will be a better option to buy 5 or 8 sparkle stacks as in that case  one stack will cost you just Rs 100 :D:D
  • Wise She Rating – 4/5

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Sent by brand for consideration but it has not affected my review



  1. very nice review…………….and i like lavender eyeshadow very much..i love lavender lipsticks too………………. :inlove:

  2. how do u apply powdered eye sparkle on eyes :-/ is it like dip the brush in sparkle and apply on eyelids ?:-) doesn’t it falls on lashes / floor in the process and gets wasted?

  3. Wow! I’ve been waiting for this post..this is so lovely..hardly any fallout also na??

    A, cud u do a post on exactly how to use pigments? some sort of a tutorial maybe? i can never decide how these r to be used even though alot of mediums have been mentioned.. 🙁

      • Mine !!!!
        oh god !!!
        I dont use eye shadows at all..
        my job doesnt demand too much make up .
        my daily make up is just lotus sunscreen
        compact lakme
        lippy my mahagony
        blush kiss of a rose
        eye liner lakme insta
        maybelline gel liner
        max factor grey or nyx brown
        lotus green pencil thats it ha ha ha !!!
        on some occassions just apply revlon mousse foundation bourjois compact… thats it.
        am very simple humble :inlove:

          • Hi ani lotus green pencil doesnt smudge much and it lasts throughout. I appleid in the morning and it lasts till evening ..
            sometimess a bit difficult to remove it in normal wash ..
            it doesnt sting my eyes at ll. but lakme ones are more opigmented I tried at the store e. but i applied on mu eyes and it sting badly ..
            tried nyx it was too good. color pay off was excellent but again they did nt have any testers
            so had no choice to come back with lotus one .

  4. Anu, Its such a beautiful colour :kissblow:

    I bought a ‘dibbi’ with colour inside it, looked like pigment so got it. some local brand (it had cover girl written on it, which i dont think is true) costed 70 bucks only..hehe..and i was desperate to try some pigments but dint have the heart to try anything expensive right away.

    When i came home and opened/used on my eyelids,i was pleasantly surprised with the quality and ofcourse the quantity..beautiful bronze shade it is..i will send you some pics..

  5. Good luck..let me figure out myself. I got a number for customs department


    Ask these guys how can i get my package, the seller says its with you guys..

    • ok !!1 i am going to call them some 10 times eveyr day fromnow on 😛 by the way reddy told me that she paid some amount in post office and then she got her stuff ..(when her stuff was stopped by the custom department)


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