Faces Stackable Top Seller Photos & Swatches


Faces Stackable Top Seller

Faces stackable are available generally in stacks of five or eight and they do have single pigment  available for sale in these.Top seller pigment include pastel shade and is not OTT shimmery.Loose pigments are as loose colour or powdery form of eye shadow’s/colour  which can be used in various ways .One can use loose pigment as nail polish as shown in the post here.


  • Price – Rs 699
  • Available in all faces cosmetics outlets sometime fashionandyou.com comes up with pigments sale as well.

Faces cosmetic stackable top seller photos and swatches

These are the shades which comes in top seller stack


Faces stackable pics and swatches +Indian makeup blog


This purple shade looks very dark  but it isn’t.It’s more of an orchid shade with shimmer with  metallic finish.All shades in this stack has silver shimmer in them.


Faces stackable top seller shade  purple+Indian beauty blog

A very light tea rose pink with metallic finish and silver shimmer.

Faces stackable pink

White pigment  with metallic finish and shimmer.

Faces stackable highlighter

This one is a tea rose green (green with lot of white) .It’s a beautiful shade with obvious shimmer and metallic sheen.


Faces stackable green+faces pigment

This shade is also included in sunbeam stackable which I got for myself last time.


Faces stackable brown pigment

Swatches of Faces Stackable Top Seller



faces stackable top sellet swatches+Faces pigment top seller swatches

I have swiped all these loose pigments once here without any primer.

Faces stackable top seller swatches


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  1. this is sooo COOL ana 😀 D: i loved the purple and then sea green the most …
    tea green or what ?? loved the green and purple :-* :-* :-*
    i know you love these sooo much and am going to buy them if i get to see any sale 😀 😀


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