Faces Superlongwear Kohl in Persian Blue Review & Swatches


Faces Superlongwear Kohl in Persian Blue


On any particular day if I find my face looking dull and washed out, my hands reach up for a colored liner from my makeup stash. Instantly a colored kohl can add so much fun to pale face like no other makeup product. I keep them handy on days when I feel bored of wearing a stroke of black liner. This time I got a beautiful blue kohl pencil from Faces superlongwear range. Keep reading to know more on this.


Faces Superlongwear Kohl in Persian Blue


About Faces Superlongwear Kohl in Persian :

This waterproof and smudge proof formula with intense application on one stroke, lasts all day long. It is packed with retractable twist mechanism which ensures a smooth glide with high coverage and can be used as a kajal.

Price: 449 INR for 0.35gms

My take on Faces Superlongwear Kohl in Persian Blue :

Packaging: This kohl comes in a retractable eyeliner case and luckily it has not turned out to be faulty. The cap reveals the ultimate shade of the liner which makes it easy to identify it from the makeup stash.


Faces Persian Blue Superlongwear Kohl


Shade: The shade Persian Blue is a royal blue kohl pencil. It has a shimmery base but they do not fall out on any occasion. This particular shade brightens up the whole look in just one stroke and looks beautiful everywhere from casual outings to disc parties. I suggest you to wear a lighter lip shade teamed along with this so as to attract attention solely to this kohl. This will suit woman of all complexions and ages and is a must pick for youngsters. Especially girls who think less is more when it comes to your face makeup, a shade like this is a must.

Texture and Pigmentation The texture of this superlong wear kohl is creamy and perfect. As expected for the price paid it is supposed to be smooth so that it can be easily applied. This kohl gets applied on eyelids without any unnecessary pulling or tugging of skin but it does crumble up a bit. One must never hold the kohl pencil with a hard hand lest it might break.

The pigmentation is brilliant just one stroke and you get the exact shade. Even if someone needs a darker color then two swipes are needed at max. The shimmers do not fall out which makes this safe even for contact lens users like me.


Faces Superlongwear Persian Blue swatch


Staying Power: The best part of this kohl pencil is its super long stay and that is as long as 6-7 hours or may be longer on drier lids or if a primer is used underneath. It is totally smudge proof even if someone touches the lids by mistake. Also it is waterproof and one needs a strong eye makeup remover to get rid of this kohl at the end of the day.


Faces Superlongwear Kohl Persian Blue


Summing it up:

What I like about Faces Superlongwear Kohl in Persian Blue:

  • Beautiful Persian blue shade
  • Brightens up the whole face at once
  • Can compliment all
  • Super long stay 7 plus hours
  • Excellent pigmentation
  • Smooth and creamy
  • Shimmery base
  • Smudge proof and water proof
  • Needs a strong eye makeup remover
  • Safe with contacts

What I dislike about Faces Superlongwear Kohl in Persian Blue:

  • Crumbles up a bit while applying


Faces Kohl Persian Blue EOTD


Overall verdict: I consider Faces Superlongwear Kohl one of the best quality colored kohl available. From its brilliant color pay off to its smooth texture to total smudge proof and waterproof features and last but not the least- the shade, it is a must have. Do try this if you like experimenting with colored kohl liners. Hope this helps J

Wise she rating: 4.5/5

Have you tried Faces Superlongwear Kohl in Persian Blue?

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