Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Lipstick in 12-BOLD Review


Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Lipstick in 12-BOLD


Hey beautiful ladies, so with this review the Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Lipstick rally comes to an end. Reviewing these lippies was so much fun and I enjoyed it thoroughly..
The lippy that I am going to review today too comes as a limited edition and have got no mention of it’s on the ultime range’s card or on the website but you can easily get hold of this from the Faces retail outlets. I guess they shall soon be permanent.


Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Lipstick BOLD


About Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Lipstick:

Matte finish for the uber chic! A vivid color burst that lasts more than 8 hours. Enriched with vitamin E and anti-aging oxidants. Creamy texture gives smooth, water proof high coverage. Available in a wide range of swanky shades.

Shades Offered:Company offers twelve shades in this range.

Ingredients:No clue about this, neither it’s mentioned on the lipstick tube nor on the website.

Shelf Life:30 months.

Price:699 for 2.5gm

My experience with Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Lipstick in 12-BOLD:

Packaging:The lipstick comes in a matte black colored grainy plastic sleek tube. It has got the lipstick’s name embossed on it in silver. The shade name and number are mentioned on a shade’s colored sticker at the bottom of the tube. The cap click shuts thereby making it travel friendly.


Faces Ultime matte Lipstick BOLD


Texture:The texture of this is soft and glides on smoothly just as the other lippies from this range.

Pigmentation:This lipstick has got a nice color off and is almost opaque in hand swatches…. BUT there is a weird problem that I faced while its application, whenever I went for the second swipe on my lips, the bullet just wipes off the earlier swipe. Multiple swipes will be required for pigmented lips.

Staying Power:It stays for some 4-5 hours max or may be even less. Heavy meals can hardly be survived by this lippy. It fades off evenly, so your lips won’t look ugly after fading off.


Faces Ultime Pro matte BOLD


Final Verdict:This is a coral pink shade, which can be worn by medium skin tones but it will look flattering on light skin tones. This particular shade will certainly wash off duskier skin tones and this shade will not be a good choice for gloomy and dull face’s days.

Considering the smooth texture, a light handed application is required. Any forceful application or mishandling may break the bullet.

The color pay off is nice but then there is a weird problem while the second swipe application; I would suggest using a lip brush for a non-messy and a smoother looking application. And please exfoliate your lips before its usage; otherwise you might just end up with flaky looking lips.

This lippy too settles in fine lips, which is a thumb down for me.


Faces Ultime matte Lipstick BOLD lipswatch


What I like about Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Lipstick in 12-BOLD :

  • Smooth and soft texture.
  • Fades off evenly.
  • Sleek packaging.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Brightens up the face.
  • Minutely transfers.

What I don’t like about Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Lipstick in 12-BOLD :

  • No ingredients list anywhere.
  • Settles in fine lines.
  • Not a long lasting shade.
  • Will not suit all skin tones.

Rating: 3.2/5

I now understand why Faces has kept the ingredient list hidden, they just don’t want us to know why each shade from this range behaves differently (this is my personal opinion; please don’t kill me for this).

Will I recommend: Though I have not given a good rating but still I will suggest this lippy to medium to light skin tones who find it handy to use a lip brush.

P.S. Since this was the last review from this range, I now would like to know how you guys liked the series…. and what shades are gonna be your picks???
Any suggestions are more than welcome.

Have you tried Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Lipstick in 12-BOLD ?

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  1. D shade looks good atleast.. But it does look dry 🙁
    I loved d series Ritika.. My favs are passion (red) n orange shades..
    N ur lips are undoubtedly ‘(wo)man of the series’ 😉 😀

    • thanx…i cud not get an idea thru this pic of urs.. but thru ur FB pictures i can say that this will suit u 🙂

  2. Love this shade. I am searching this shade in all brands but finally I can see here.

    Can you please share the shade details like Name and Number..



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