Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Lipstick – What To Buy & What Not To Buy!


Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Lipstick – What To Buy & What Not To Buy!

Hello gorgeous ladies, today I have come up with quite a different posts than my usual articles and review posts.

You might remember that somewhere around June I reviewed the whole Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Lipsticks and quite liked them as well. There were not many shades which were not much liked by me. This range from Faces was a matte longwear range.

Today I shall divide these lipsticks into three categories of “Must Buy”, “Might Buy” and “Do Not Buy”. The division will solely be based upon the lipstick quality in comparison to others from this range.

So let’s get started after I have briefed you about the concept of the article:

Must Buy

This category will consist of shades that you should definitely have from this range.

You can buy Faces Lipstick from Flipkart.com here

Faces Ultime Pro Long Wear Lipstick 02-Temptation


Having at least a single maroon color in your kitty is must, and shade Temptation is an end to your search for maroons. It is just the right color and tone that anybody would want to have. It is non drying despite being matte and is long lasting also.

Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Lipstick 03-Passion


Shade Passion is also a must have. It is my favorite from this range. It is a warm red with orangish undertones that brightens up my face. This is decently pigmented and has a smooth texture. Staying power of this lippy is incredible.

Faces Ultime Pro Long Wear Matte Lipstick 04 Cinnamon


If you are someone who seeks to get a nice quality lipstick of this range and loves brown too, then this shade is certainly a must for you. A cinnamon bark brown shade that stays for more than 6 hours.

Faces Ultime Pro Long Wear Lipstick 08 Fig


This is a reddish brown shade almost like a brick color. It is most wearable shade of brown that does not have dark intensities of brown. It is  a must have in your kitty for such a shade and quality.

Might Buy

This category will have those lipstick which are not bad to have but not great to make it I your “Must” list. The lipstick in this range will also have the shades which are not a must for any lady however she can have one if she desires to.

Faces Ultime Pro Long Wear Matte Lipstick 05 Peach Blush


A natural looking peach shade is so good to have. But this may not look flattering on all Indian skin tones. If you have fair complexion then you might just fall in love with such a natural shade. This does not stay for very long and would survive for some 4-5 hours with light meals, but for such a shade you just might want to buy it.

Faces Ultime Pro Long Wear Matte Lipstick 07 Read My Lips


This is a fuchsia pink lipstick that you just might want to buy. It stays for really long and glides smoothly on lips. It has a tendency to get sticky post a drink or meal.

Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Lipstick 11 Look At Me


Just like its name, it is an attention grabber shade, an actual coral orange shade. It brightens up the face but such a bright shade is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are easy with such bright shade then you might have it.

Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Lipstick in 12-BOLD


This is a coral pink shade, again not everyone’s game of carrying. The color is actually gorgeous and you might end up getting it despite of its cons.

Do Not Buy

This category will have those lipsticks which are worth investing in INR 699 when you can have a better lipstick at this price.

Faces Ultime Pro Long Wear Matte LipStick 01 Spice


This particular shade is so not worth getting. A nude shade with shimmers is in itself quite a bogus concept after all wearing a nude lippy that has golden shimmers is so not happening. Why would someone want to wear a nude lippy that totally kills the purpose of its due to the presence of shimmers.

Moreover this lipstick lacks pigmentation and feels sticky if color is build up by layering.

Faces Ultime Pro Long Wear Matte Lipstick 06 Flirty Pink


Though the shade is gorgeous and any pink lover would drool over it but the color is not  a unique one and you can easily get such a color in a better quality from any other range or brand.

What brings this lipstick to this category is its poor pigmentation and the pathetic sticky feel of lips. Moreover this may wash out most Indian skin tones.

Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Matte Lipstick 09 Lust On


Though this color has received above average ratings, but I somehow feel that this might not be very wise to get hold of this color. Of course a reddish coral shade is not uncommon these days and almost all brands have some similar shade to this. I would just not to buy this lipstick because unlike other lipsticks form this range, this lipstick it severely settles into fine lines, is patchy in application (see picture) and does not survives meals and goes off completely after a meal.

Ultime Pro Longwear Lipstick 10 Very Berry


I so wished that this gorgeous Berry colored lippy was not here in this category. But this lippy certainly deserves to be here. Imagine a lippy that settles into fine lines fading off unevenly leaving streaks of color in lip lines, grrrrrr this is so pathetic even to imagine. And not just it, it lack color pay off and needs layering which later feels sticky on lips.

These were my division of lipsticks into categories; I hope you find this concept cool and helpful.

Do you agree with the division? Have any Suggestion?

Have you tried any of these lipsticks?

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  1. Fab post. I picked up a shade from pro creme range and when it came to these I dint know what to pick, because I knew some are not that great. This post is a life savor :)Thankyou…


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