Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick in Pretty Pink Review, Swatches & FOTD



Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick in Pretty Pink


Like any other girl when it comes to a lipstick shade that is most worn, the shade pink tops my list. Every girl owns several shades of pink lipsticks from nude to bubbly to milky to frosty to matte and I am no different. Whenever I see a new one on the rack I pick it up and this time I did the same thing by picking Pretty Pink from Faces. Keep reading to explore the shade.


Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick Pretty Pink


About Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick in Pretty Pink:

We can’t seem to get our factories to make enough of them ever. Rich, Vibrant & Long Stay colors, enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E. Experience the effortless glide over lips for a smooth, rich appearance. Specially formulated to be stable at high temperatures (why do we have these Indian summers. The most complete lipstick, ever. period.

Price: 499 INR


Faces Pretty Pink Ultra Moist ingredients


My experience with Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick in Pretty Pink :

Smell and packaging: This lipstick smells like yummy toffees and comes packed in a black case. There is a marble like imprint on the case and the quality of plastic used is not easily breakable.

Shade: The shade Pretty pink unlike its name is not an everyday wearable pink shade. It is bright and a little on the milkier side. It is best suited for fair to medium complexion. I am not too sure about the compatibility it would share with dusky beauties. Not for office makeup unless one uses it as a lip tint. The shade pretty pink is so vibrant and beautiful that it looks lovely in the daytime teamed up with feminine dresses. The whole face looks lit up and happy at once. Although this shade is on the milkier side yet it suits Indian complexion.


Faces pretty pink Ultra Moist  lipstick


Texture and Pigmentation: This lipstick is amazingly as smooth as butter, it just glides on the lips like a dream. The lip color is soft enough to give comfort to the lips while applying but not something that would melt or break down. I have been traveling around in these summer months with this and have never refrigerated it, yet its texture has remained unchanged. Plus being creamy it conditions the lips and there is no need of an extra lip balm underneath for lipsticks of this ultra moist range from Faces.

The color pay off is extremely good like that of high end brands. Maximum two swipes are required to get the final shade. It will cover everything from darks lips to pigmentation. Just that the shade being light needs exfoliated lips as it is on the lighter side and thus the dead skin would just pop out of the lipcolor. In the FOTD I am wearing this lipstick without any scrubbing beforehand.


Faces Ultra Moist Pretty Pink swatch


Staying Power: The staying power is 4-5 hours and it does survive meals in between. Yes you heard that right although itÒ€ℒs a creamy lipstick. If blotting is done post first application and then it is reapplied then it stops settling in between the lines too. Overall there is nothing I can complain about the quality of this lipstick from Faces πŸ™‚


Faces Ultra Moist Pretty Pink FOTD


Summing it up:

What I like about Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick in Pretty Pink:

  • Bright pink shade
  • Smooth and creamy texture
  • Conditions lips
  • Stays long
  • Leaves behind pinkish tint on lips
  • Survives meals in between
  • For fair to medium complexion
  • Affordable

What I dont like about Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick in Pretty Pink:

  • One blotting is required to get rid of the lipstick settling in between the lines of the lips.

Overall verdict: In all this is a good pick if you love bright pink lipsticks with a creamy finish that stays long, survives meals and conditions the lips. Make sure your lips are well exfoliated lest it may just showcase your flaws as the shade is on the milkier side. Hope you find this helpful πŸ™‚

Wise she rating: 4.5/5

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