Facial Blotting Paper Suggestions & How To Get Rid Of Facial Sweating


Sonal asks,

I was using clean and clear oil absorbing sheets but I don’t like the texture of those and leaves a powdery residue behind.Please suggest me  blotting paper which works for you or any method to get rid of facial sweating.


Blotting paper suggestions


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  1. Hi Sonal,

    u can try TBS Blotting sheets..They seem to be gud..I have used the Basicare BLotting sheets in the past and they have worked well too. You can find them easily on Urban Touch as well.

      • try a diff outlet…ive realised that alot of the times some outlets just dont stock up on certain products..like mine doesnt keep the mineral blotting sheets and the brow kit that A reviewed..i wanted it so badly lekin they never stock it….location par depend karta hai..try a diff store…

        waise how r u doin? A mentioned that ur not well…we were just talkin bout u yesterday in fact..

  2. I’d reco any of the TBS blotting sheets..i use the tea tree one and it’s gud..have used the mineral blotting sheets in the past as well and they were great, but they had mineral loose powder between the folds to ansorb oil..if you are sure u dont want any powder based sheet, go for the tea tree ones Rs.175 for 65 sheets.

  3. wow I never knew it too mineral blotting sheets !!!
    i dont have TBS at my place. and am using clean and clear sheets. I really like it !!!
    but it seems clean and clear has stopped producing it .
    no shops stock it up !!
    somehow after using a primer , my face has become less oily and make up stays longer.
    so I diont use blotting sheets much as now..
    hey Zara which blotting sheet were u talkingabout.
    i think rash has done a detailed review of a few blotting sheets.

  4. I saw the TBS sheet they were good..their sale just ended on sunday…shud have bought then. :duh:
    But I did buy their brushes in the sale :dance: which I wouldnt have otherwise. What did u guys get from TBS sale???????????

      • :clap-n-jump: show what u got??? I just got brushes..I read about TBS brushes on wiseshe..and thot MAC brushes were too expensive..These seemed nice, of course since they are TBS they wud be good quality and affordable.
        Now that I started doing a bit of make up regularly I thot I shud have some decent brushes :lipstick:

  5. hands down TBS , its the best in market , even shiseido makes one but i guess it might be little costly
    you can try it in yuor nearest Shoppers Stop ,

    but for me TBS is the best , tea tree one i have used …. :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*


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