Facial Massage – Facial massage tips for dry, oily and sensitive skin

By Gunjan , 

Skin massage Benefit of massaging is to improve blood circulation of the skin and add glow to it. I am fond of massages and have visited various parlours for massages and I crave for that extra natural glow. I have realised this that one has to learn the right way of massaging as our facial skin is sensitive and one needs a good hand massage to tone down the facial skin and keep it young.

Few things hold importance while doing facial massage such as-
1. Always use fingertips for facial massaging and clean your hand with hand sanitizer.
2. There is no point massaging your skin if you have not picked the right lotion which suits your skin. Do not use oil based cream or lotions on oily skin as they might break you out.
3.One can scrub while massaging .Just add some scrub into the lotion  and massage. It helps in removing black heads and white heads from the skin too.
4. Always use finger stroke in upward motion to massage your skin as downward stroke sags the skin .5. If you are in your late 20’s then use anti aging skin cream to massage your skin .
6. Do not use much pressure on your face while massaging your skin.
7. If you have dry skin then add few drops of almond oil , milk cream or olive oil in your massage cream.
8. Oily skin people can choose cream which has lemon or cucumber base .I have a very interesting tip to share. Whenever you do massage just add few drops of lemon juice, orange juice or cucumber juice .These are natural substance and have their own effect on the skin .Using them brings instant glow.
9. If you are amongst those who believe in herbal remedies then you can take fresh milk cream and add a few drops of lemon juice in it. If you have sensitive skins then avoid lemon juice and add cucumber juice instead.
10. To take the facial to next level you can keep few cucumber slices and some cotton balls which are soaked in rose water on your eyes to relax them up.
After the massage our skin feels fresh and young and one can prevent aging and wrinkles for long.


  1. i wish i had parlour here..! where i could go for facial massage! waaooww..!! but hell! x-( this place is just hell! damn :((

    anyways! nice tips 😀 i will keep it in mind in case i wanna do this facial massage myself 🙁

  2. Oh…i stopped going to parlours about 3 years ago ….my derma back then told me massages are not for acne prone skin, it activates the sebacious glands and makes it more oily and lead to acne… 🙁 i soo loved the relaxing effect …

  3. Anu btw did a mini haul….got my neem toner and cleanser gift pack from Fab India. Got their vanila lip balm, aloe vera shampoo and condi…and ya also got the Vit-E cream you had advised…i have it on right now and OMG its absorbed….i am already liking it…thanks for thr reco….i just hope it doesnt break me out…please pray for me…hehe


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