Facial Scrub For Oily Skin Homemade


Natasha asks,

I have ace prone oily skin with large pores.Ca you beauties let me know which home made scrubber will work for my kind of skin.Can facial scrub helps in reducing shrinking pores too?

Facial scrubber for oily skin homemade+facial scrub for oily skin recipe

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  1. hi Natasha, scrubs will not shrink pores. You need to use a toner to minimise the appearance of pores. Scrub will give you a smooth polished skin and remove the blackheads etc. I have combination oily skin and i like sugar based scrubs. I mix coffee powder (instant or filter) with sugar granules and 2 drops of olive oil. This makes an excellent fragrant scrub! I also mix milk powder and sugar for a quick scrub. This is gentle enough for daily exfoliation. Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. Hi girl,

    try this one.
    Take four tomato puree and soak them with some rice for half an hour.Grind the rice coarsly and add it to pureed tomatoes.Apply the mixture on whole body and leave it .Take warm water bath after fifteen minutes.This scrub helps in removing dead skin and tan from oily skin.

    .it is great for oily skin and will help in making yur pores appear smaller

      • yes i beat it in a mixie..or some time just grate it …:) and i don follow any ratio as such ..just as per my skin suitability 🙂

        which scrub do u use Malini..?

        • I use rice powder mixed with a little curd and a pinch of Turmeric (the kasturi one). I read this in some paper that it was an advise given by Shahnaz Hussain!!! I also sometimes use besan instead of rice powder! But i believe these scrubs should not be used more than twice a week (Dont know the logic 🙁 )!!

  3. Hey Natasha,

    Before trying any scrub homemade/bought from outside, it is a good idea to test your scrubs on a small area of your skin for sensitiveness and irritations before applying to whole face or body. And rub gently on your skin, never vigorously. Drink lots of water everyday to cleanse your blood.

    Try this scrub –
    Mix together ground oatmeal and honey and use as facial scrub. The antibacterial property of honey also helps acne prone skin.

    To reduce large skin pores –
    1) Do not use harsh toners/astringents.
    2) Avoid moisturizers; if u have to use, then use water-based moisturizer.
    3) Use Multani Mitti + Rose water face pack twice a week, which will dramatically reduce pores and also cleanse your skin of excess oil.

    Good Luck!

  4. well i have done a review here of jovees scrub that i have found a way to work for me but i woudnt recommend it to anybody 🙂 i’d rather recommend the staple one scrub that i always love esp b4 any imp event 🙂 Besan + Dahi + turmeric + Lemon juice(only if you are not very sensitive to it). Apply as pack and splash water and do scrubbing action slowly.

    Also oats + milk is another good option but i am combi skin so it suits me well i dont know if milk would suit you.
    I have large pores problem too but all solutions are always temporary it cannot reduce your pores forever. Best ever tried for open pores immediate relief is ICE. works best before makeup.
    Hope this helps

  5. here is my pack, i mix curd with multani mitti and almond powder , since multani mitti absorbs excess oil and makes your pores look smaller. the almond powder works as a gentle scrub and nourishes your skin with vitamin e too.

  6. My skin is too oily.
    Bt i havnt ussed any scrub as yet.
    Excess oil formates in ma nose area & forehead.
    Can any one advice which scrub & pack will be gud . .


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