Facial treatment – How to choose facial

By Manisha,

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My topic today is facial treatment  as I am quite fond of getting facial  done. I am a working woman and our company is associated with a skin clinic where we get huge discounts on facial through our company. I am getting facial done every 20 -25 days and have made friends with the entire staff working in the skin clinic.
Before going to the clinic I did my research and spoke to the skin care experts of the clinic. With this I am sharing some of  the facials details and how one can choose the right facial for their skin.

A classic facial includes cleansing, exfoliating, extraction and mask and a moisturizer. This facial suits anyone with a dry to normal skin. Extractions are safe to use which I was completely unaware off. One can get extraction done as long as the aesthetician first uses steam to soften the pores and covers her fingers with gauze. If you suffer from intense pain while getting extraction then please ask the beautician to stop doing it immediately.
One should not use an extractor as they result in scarring in discolouration. If you are suffering from eczema then skipping steam is the best option as it can aggravate the condition of the eczema. One can use warm cloth instead of that.

Facial for acne prone skin

If you are suffering from acne then the lotions in the classic facial can result in break out therefore one should look for clarifying and purifying facial. Acne prone skin should choose a facial which includes a cleanser and has salicylic acid, a clay mask and lactic acid peel. Scrubbing should be avoided during acne as it can irritate the skin and can even result in scarring.

Facial for aged skin

Those who have fine lines and other aging issues should pick up a facial with a little extra exfoliation. Glycolic, lactic and enzyme peels are great ways to get rid of dead skin which results in making our pores look larger and deepen wrinkles too.

Facial for dull skin

A facial which has mild peel and some brightening ingredients such as vitamin C or kojic acid works well.

Some of the gimmick treatment which I came across is gold dust which doesn’t have any trace of gold in it .

I hope this help you ladies in choosing the right facial


  1. Anamika have you ever tried getting a facial done at the parlours??? I have heard a LOT about Gel Facials for Oily Skin…any idea about them??

  2. Anamika have you ever tried getting a facial done at the parlours??? I have heard a LOT about Gel Facials for Oily Skin…any idea about them??

  3. hi anamika,

    I have heard many people saying that facials are not required but it needs only cleansing. can u tell something more about this?

  4. I have tried them many times Mitra :D:D

    yes Gel facial is for oily skin …using some heavy moisturizer and getting massage done results in acne only…

  5. Hi Neha…

    If u r into cleansing toning and moisturizing and scrubbing some time ten u may not require it ..when i was ignorant about my skin then facial did helped me but now when i follow CTM and scrubbing i hardly require facial..

    Facial basically rejuvenate your skin and bring it alive so it is not bad at all..only thing is a good parlour facial is required..i have seen local parlours which are well known not showing there products

  6. I have 1 more query. my skin is combination skin and i have blackheads and open pores. Should I go for scrubbing or exfoliating? and if exfoliator, than which 1?


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