Fairness packs for Indian bride to be

Your marriage is after a month and like most of the Indian girl you want to look fairer then what you are. Albeit I do not agree with the concept of being fair and beautiful. I seriously believe that brown skin too look radiant and most of the Bollywood actresses have proved it too. For example, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika padukone and Kajol. All the three are dusky in complexion and still look beautiful then many other actresses.
Today generation may agree with it but old aunts from the groom side will point out your complexion immediately. Therefore if you are in one of those who want to look fairer than what you are before your marriage then below pack can help you out.
1tbsp carrot juice
1tsp lemon juice
1/4tsp turmeric powder
1tsp oats powder
1/2tbsp. Milk cream/milai(a thick layer of cream formed when the boiled milk cools down)
1tsp of sandalwood powder
Method and preparation:-
Mix all the ingredients together and form a paste. You can increase or decrease the quantity of ingredients according to your preference but try to be as organic as possible in the ingredients.
*Carrot has glucose , potassium, cobalt ,iron, copper ,iodine and many vitamins like C,D,K which nourishes your skin and gives it a natural facial like glow.
*Turmeric and lime act as a bleaching agent which removes tan and makes it fairer.
* Milk cream moisturizes the skin 
* sandalwood powder softens the skin, prevents it from acne and removes skin rashes and blemishes.

You can use this pack every day before taking bath and scrub your body twice or thrice a week before applying this pack .You will start seeing the result within 15 days.
To follow the total four week beauty bridal regime you can go through the below posts
P.S-Do not forget to test this pack on your wrist before using it on your face.

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  1. can u tell me the translation for oat in urdu or hindi? I got daliya but it has such huge grains and it's difficult to grind it!

  2. Hi Humaira,Welcome to my blog.Oats are called "Jai" in Hindi, and American Oats are called Vilayati Jai.They are called Jav in Gujarati. you know jao ka aata with the help of it people make rabri also sometime.for more information you can check out this linkhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oatalso if you go to any malls you will find oats available in large quantities as it is readily used in breakfast too.:)If you have further problem then mail me up:)will love to help you.:)

  3. as salamalikum my self rabia majid i am frm hyderabad ur blog is amazing ,.,. as i am going throw my hair fall problem i need to know sum home remedies so i can use it and inshallah may be my hair fall will be stop plzzz reply i will be waiting for ur answer ,.,.,.,. 🙂 :-)) :-))

  4. hiiiiiii how r u with this blog i am getting much information about home remedies but my problem is i am going throw dandruff so i need ur help plzz show me some home remedies with that i may remove my dandrufff .,.,. i am waiting for ur reply ,.,.,., :hug-makeup:

  5. nice thank u soo much… am getting marry within a 20 days can u help me with more home made packs… pls send tips to my mail id.. could u…..


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