Fake Cosmetics In India


When I was in Delhi I thought that city like Palika and ghaffars are the hub of fake cosmetics but I was proved wrong during  my recent visit to one of the old market of char minaar.  I found dozen cosmetic stores filled with fake cosmetics.Brands like MAC, Chanel, Lancome were being sold in Rs 200 :D:D and Olay and Ayur products costed little higher than the high-end brands:D:D

Fake Cosmetics India

There were even fake shnaaz and Ayur products which were difficult to identify.Women there were not bothered about the genuinity and were buying anti wrinkle creams of shanaaz :D:D

Forget about getting  rid of wrinkle these fake cosmetics can cause serious repercussion in long run.There are many cases of allergic contact dermatitis which have been reported in media because of these false products but no company has taken serious stand till now.Fake products do give some amount of glow in the beginning but prolong use of these can even contract serious ailments.

Fake Cosmetics India

I took few pics of one of my favorite brand MAC :-)) .Packaging of the product looks quiet similar but a bogus product will look bogus somehow or the other.:D

Fake MAC Cosmetics in India

so when I opened the eyeshadow palette it clearly showed the fake imitation

Cheap cosmetics in India Did you notice the MAC special brushes :D:D

Shopkeeper even showed me MAC Nail manicure sets and nail polishes :O

MAC Nail Polish

Those who love MAC will surely not buy them from these markets but what about the innocent woman who are being cheated there.They are  looking for anti wrinkle creams or skin whitening fairness lotions but in return they are taking along is some  cheap cosmetics which can leave them with life long skin diseases


  1. thats why its better to buy from a high end outlet and thats why i opt for oriflame products maximum coz i get them directly from the registered office of the company PLUSS i get my membership DISCOUNT 😀 😀 😀

  2. Ohh u too are a member of oriflame..even i have used few of oriflame products some 2 years ago..whenever i look at their booklet i get so tempted..

    and fake cosmetics are such a :no: :no: :no: :no:

  3. yeah! recently.. i went to a local shop to buy nail paint remover… he then showed me mac lip/eye liner pencil for INR 45/-…. can you beleive it… :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
    i asked him if its original coz i knew it can’t be MAC anyday…but i still baught it coz the colour was nice n it was for 45 only think that even if its not good it wont hurt 😛 😛 😛

    • Meenu yes price must be tempting but thing is that mac pencil can cause skin irritation ..it will be of not good quality..once we go old these things start showing their side effects so beware..

  4. i too have seen these in my local market… this shop sells genuine stuff of some brands is what i used to think… now i dunno which is real and which is fake… 🙁

  5. Great post! Hundreds of little blogs online as well as night market petty traders are selling fake MAC products here in Malaysia and they proudly claim that “their” MAC products are from Dubai….the nerve! The trouble is that these products look so obviously fake and god knows what they put in the products anyway.

  6. I see MAC fakes all the time – I once saw a dupe of fluidline in black. It looked so authentic & was priced at 450.. I almost got it, but it seemed too good to be true.. 😀

  7. LOL Mac at Charminar! I didn’t know fake Mac was available at charminar, have seen some unbranded not so good quality cosmetics at Charminar, but didn’t know they sell fake mac!
    Lucky for some of us who got know about this through wise she, imagine other who just buy it randomly. ?:-)

  8. I’ve seen a lot of MAC fakes too, infact a friend of mine even tricked into getting one 🙂

    I feel really sad for those who are not really as much aware and buy these fake things and feel they’ve got a good deal !! There needs to be alot of awareness on this!

  9. 🙁 OMG!! It’s scary because skin allergies and patches are the worst nightmares one can ever think of. Thanks for this post!! I am sure there would be may who are going to be saved after reading this post.

    I remember once I was sold fake Puma bag in an original Puma store. Since that day i never visited that particular store in South delhi till date. I am just thinking what wuld happen to those girls/women who have been buying stuff from that market… bad bad people.

    • u r tight girl..but some time lasies do get tempted thinking its MAC lets buy it..When i was in my college i to got tempted to buy them but somehow didn’t

  10. can someone tell me exact location/ shop selling these fakes??? am sure am gonna do somethin abt it.. pretty sure.. these damn people shud be taught!!!!!!


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