Fake Eyelashes India -Suggestions


Ankita asks,

Can any one suggests good drugstore brand which has fake eyelashes.Is there any website which sells them in India ?


Fake Eyelashes India



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  1. nailsandbeauty.in has konad’s fake eyelashes. reasonably priced. But even if you get fake eyelashes make sure you get good glue to attach them to your existing eyelashes. Ive heard Duo glue is the best and safest.. But I seriously have no clue as to where you get them.

  2. Sorry Ankita i have no clue about your query , but I need some real lashes for my eye..someone please donate them to me…i have such scanty lashes..quality of lashes need : Ecjactly like Anu’s :razzmad:

  3. Hey !!! Ardell lashes are the best ones now available in India. On jabong and on beautykafe.com
    They’re so good.
    Must try.


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