Fake Products – How To Detect Fake Branded Items And Fake Lakme Nail Paint Remover


By Meenu,

Friends, this is gonna be a long post so please spare me for taking your time  πŸ˜€
We all know that few bad people out there produce fakes of our trusted products and not only cosmetics; they produce fakes of many other products like biscuits, electronics like iPod etc and the bare essential like drinking water. Fake products are found worldwide and they are usually poor quality sold at a fraction of the original price. Some of these opt to name themselves similarly after popular brand names to trick consumers into buying them. We can identify fakes by their price I mean can you get a MAC lip liner for Rs. 45/-? Then some fakes are easy to identify by their little-twisted names like Kinley (purified water brand) becomes Kinlay :-D. and few other examples are:

How To Spot Fake Cosmetics

OK! this is too easy to identify with a little attention.


How to spot fake products

Did you notice.. PAMA LOL! And Panasaonic πŸ˜›

And this one is too interesting :lol:  :ROTFL:  :-


Ho To Spot fake products

ButΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ‚Β¦ butΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ‚Β¦ butΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ‚Β¦ what about those which have the same price as of real one and the name & pack looks same??? You must have heard this famous dialogue of

You must have heard this famous dialogue of Hindi movies, “Òmujrim chahe kitna chalak ho koi na koi surag chod hi deta hai” :P, likewise, no matter how similar a fake product looks to the original, it will never be exactly like the latter. This is what I learnt recently. Today, I will share with you an example, an experience though which inspired me to write this article¦. Recently, I finished my nail paint remover and I went to a nearby shop to buy one. I needed the remover desperately coz my nail paint started looking very old and little patchy and I cannot wait for the day when I get a chance to go to market. I bought a Lakme Nail paint remover¦.. saw the pack and bought it. Only when I opened the bottle and used it I sensed something wrong. It wasn’t working that amazingly as we expect Lakme nail paint removers to. I checked the bottle closely and bingo! It’s FAKE :O

I know I am educated enough but still did not pay adequate attention while buying and got cheated. And then we blame our government for not being able to stop such thieves while they keep telling us Jago Grahak Jago. B ut we are least bothered about what help our government want from us, right? OK enough lecture, let me give you that example to show the comparison between an original and fake product (of course Lakme nail paint remover- original and fake πŸ˜‰ ) Friends look at the below pictures closely.


Ho To Spot fake products

(Left: original; Right: fake)

How to spot fake products

See the difference in the opening of the bottle- it’s in the design in the original bottle while you have to prick to create the outlet in fake one.


Fake cosmetics in India

(Left: original; Right: fake)

Look at the shape of the bottle (from inside) is so symmetrical in original Lakme whereas it is so asymmetrical in fake Lakme. You will never find such dis-structured shapes in original products because they are checked for their quality.

Coming to next point,


fake cosmetics

(Top: original; Bottom: fake)

If you noticed, the slogan of feel it, say it and other information written blurred in the bottle at the bottom and that too in other direction i.e. from cap to base but in original product it’s written in base to cap direction. Moreover, all this write-up is on the opposite side in the fake bottle.

And now, some important and most crucial things to notice in a product to identify its originality:


spotting fake products

(Top: original; Bottom: fake)

Bar code and no bar code: important but mostly left unnoticed thing while buying a product. You might be thinking that all the products don’t have a bar code? Oh yes, they have. All the products being sold by various retailers have bar code. [From Wikipedia: Almost every item other than fresh produced from a grocery store, department store, and mass merchandiser has a UPC barcode on it. This helps track items and also reduces instances of shoplifting involving price tag swapping, although shoplifters can now print their own barcodes]. OMG! Shoplifters can print their barcodes too :O ???


Fake Products in India

(Top: fake; Bottom: original)

If you couldn’t read in the picture, the top one (fake) says: Rs 49.00; 17/09 B1, while

The one in bottom (original) says; Rs. 49.00; 11/10 D301.

Can you believe it 17/09, 17 do we have 17 months in a year (my teachers didn’t tell me that :P) and batch no B1? What kind of batch no is this, just two letters?

I have returned that bottle and to my surprise, shopkeeper accepted it back without arguing much. I think he realised that he is selling fake products that’s why. But what about those whose buy such products, pay the full price but don’t realise that they have got a duplicate product. I have learnt from my experience and next time will surely (and you should too) check the barcode, batch no., manufacture and expiry date (if given) of the product before buying.

Have you ever bought a fake product? Do you have any experience like mine?


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  1. i enjoyed reading yur post Menu and seriously it was difficult to identify which one is real and which one is not.i need to be be careful when next time. 😐

  2. thanku thanku…… i deleted soem part of it before sending it to you…. coz it was long but i enjoyed writing that part :-)) :-))
    n yeah! i will drag you in all controvesial things dont worry πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    you didnt correct the pictures

    • corrected it..shorry πŸ˜›

      and i am not a scammer ..i will pour all the holi water on you if i come to delhi this time on holi :angry : πŸ˜€

  3. Thanks for the gud review…learnt few things…shall lookout next time ..but some ppl do buy fake hangbags of expensive brands and trust me the fake bags itself are expensive !!

  4. Ya someone once gifted me a fake mac pigment. MAC pigments always have the name written on the bottle, this one just had a number. When i used it, it irritated my eye…

  5. i know u are talking about famous bankok…. the place which is famous for fake stuff but they actually have good quality and little low price as compared to the original stuff…. so we know its fake bt other person cant guess.
    While here these things matter for our skin, health etc….

  6. Thanks for the review Meenu :yes: And all this while I thought fake products were sold only in gray market at a lesser price 😯

  7. nice article Miss Meenu…It was very enlightening. I will surely keep an eye for fakes…
    and 17/09!!! that is really stupid of the fake producers πŸ˜› Kehte hain na nakal karne ke liye bhi akal chahiye πŸ˜›

  8. Well, I’ve never bought any fake products because I know the packaging ( :rotfl: ) and there is absolutely no way anyone could fool me. However, my poor mother was tricked while buying Lancome lip gloss. She knows that I like them and hoped she would surprise me with a gift.

  9. OMG! Now we have lakme fakes??!! :shout: :reallypissed: :no:

    I thght only brands like mac & revlon were duped.. about 4-5 yrs ago when I just started to notice makeup, I had bought a revlon pallete – full of eyeshadows, lipsticks & blush.. I was very happy at getting such a branded prdt at low price :silly: – of course now I know it is fake, :brokenheart: but it is still one of my favs – coz all the eyeshadows are really nice neutrals & they have a autumn leaf design embossed on them :giggle:

      • Oh! but its good that you like it :-)) :-))
        and places like chandni chowk are least reliable for such things… chandni chowk is good for suits and sarees and food items only…. even the suits and saarees are copy of some designers’s work πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  10. wow…good effort…It’s really very good & knowledgeable article, good explanation, every step is clear…its great keep it up.


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