Fall Makeup Trends 2012


As I continue with the Fall trends series, here is a simple and easy set of looks you can sport this Fall. As the festive season is drawing in, let us look at the top few trends that are rocking this season. Let us look at the most likely to succeed looks this season.

To begin with, let us concentrate on the fact that this season, it is all about highlighting one part of your face into prominence. Based on that, I am going to talk about four new makeup trends which would be really useful for those who want to look super sexy and at the same time at par with the season.

The Innocent Eye Makeup

The tip is to keep your makeup looking as minimalistic as possible, but the best thing is, this season calls for a healthy flush on your cheek, so go crazy over those amazing peach and coral blushers you have been storing. Team them up with minimum makeup for the peachy perfect cheeks. This season is already giving more importance to peaches over pink, so while wearing those lovely day colors, put a thin line of eyeliner on your upper lash, matte beige and nude numbers on your eyelids with some colored eye pencil or kohl, a little dose of mascara, peach lip gloss (or light nude colors), together with perfectly flushed cheeks. Check out baked, cream and mineralized blushes in peaches, golden, tan, coral and oranges, which would give you good color payoff with lower fallout. Suggested brands: Bourjois blushes in Tomette, Ambred’or, BrunCuivre, Chataignedoree are great choices, so are MAC Melba, Peaches, Raisin, Gingerly, Nyx Orange and Tan cream blushes, Lakme Absolute Day Sheer and Night Sheen, Illamasqua Androgen, Bobbi Brown Cabo Coral, Inglot cream blush 92, and face blush in 29 and 34, Faces blush in Rose Gold, Light Thulian Pink are really good choices which are available quite easily.



The Wing and the Butterfly

Winging your eyes is not a very old thing, but teaming it up with a butterfly eye makeup is IT this season. Designer PrabalGurung has recently had his models sport the butterfly, a stunning look which can be explained by the picture here, and the eye makeup picture following.

For this look it is crucial to have good eyebrows, and brow waxing kits should be used. Team up hot teals, blues, fuchsias, gold, orange and smoke them out with winged eyeliners, to create this look. The effect is stunning with mostly nude or lightly pinked lips.



I was sort of stunned, and yes, this is what I am talking about. The nude lips with the bright eyes.

There are quite a number of colors you can play with the Sleek Acid Palette is a good place to smart. The season calls for pearly finish and satin stays. Why limit yourself? Just pick a palette and start! The Lakme quads of eye shadows, from both the fantasy collection and absolute range, are absolutely gorgeous here. Also, now is the time to buy that Maybelline gel eyeliner, or other brands, to sport the perfect wing.

The Vamp/Vamp Makeup Look 

Vampy lips are back!

Okay, so I am overjoyed that I get to wear all those wines and burgundies I have been saving. But the IT color this season is going to include maroon, plums and dark wines. The key is to use it sparingly, and give a look which is decidedly 1940s and 50s. Also, cream and matte finish is back, and is here to rule over glitters and glosses. So, be on the lookout for shades which would be dark and matte.  However, how you team it is important, and if you notice this look, the model has gone antique gold and simple liner.


Here’s to sporting the Revlon Matte range, the Chambor powder matte range, colorbar velvet mattes, MAC matte colors, and oh god, I am going to be spoilt for choices.

I love this look Kate Bosworth is sporting. SO elegant and pretty. Observe the fact that she has made the makeup look absolutely simple. Lightly winged eyeliner, and some lovely diamonds.


I’m still admiring this look. And to say, she is wearing all the things that can just go wrong if you are just slightly mess them up.

Fine Tip Nail Art:-

Tips for the nails are simple – keep it simple and tipped. That means, drawing a line at the very tip of your nails to draw attention.

Make it simple. And cute.

thin-tip-nail-art+nail art designs thin tips

Btw, corals, greys, blush pinks and mint greens are the trending colors of this season together with sparkling notes like blue and black with sparkles. Sport your favorite color and contrast them, and you are ready to take on the season.

So, that was my makeup trending tips for Fall 2012. Hope you guys like reading it.

Disclaimer: All of the pictures were Googled, not modified in any way apart from sized down or up, and did not have any watermark on them. If I just trod on your copyrighted toe, then I am really sorry. Also, the opinions are all mine, so if you don’t like them, it’s all right.

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  1. Vamps definitely .. hmmm .. i am just trying to see myself entering my office on my last day dressed like a vamp .. light winged liner, oodles of mascara, dark wine lips .. hmmm i’ll update on how dat went .. !!!

    Poori .. I am falling in love with ur posts .. u have become our fashion correspondent nowadays ..

  2. The vamp look is something that I’d like to wear sometime 😛
    And season of blushes? I’ve been wearing them to work for like 2-3 weeks at a stretch now 🙂
    Good post lady!

  3. i love the manicure… wish i had those kinda nails… whtever i eat goes into my hair n hips….n having extensions 4 four years ruined my nails now.. they just wont grow.. but a girl can always dream!!!good morning everyone!

    • Good morning Shweta…i love nail extension but with the baby cant think of it..although i have started growing back my nails now..and what ever u eat goes into your hairs ? u must be having lush hair then .

  4. I have hair rite upto my hips and i cant bear to cut it !! Hubbys says he like short hair .. But i loooveee long hair.. N trust me nail extensions r the work of a devil .. Thy make ur nails look soo soo good but after tht its all downhill once u take them off

    • my perimma (taiji ) says the same .. all the food i take goes straight to my hair and hips .. she says you need extra food for your body .. and my hair is lush .. wavy, black and thick .. sometimes i like sometimes i hate it ..


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