Famous Hair Color Mistakes By Celebrities


Famous Hair Color Mistakes By Celebrities

The way hair colors are adding style these days, small mistakes can create blunders and can destroy your overall looks. Hair Dyes these days are very easily available and pairing with decent attire could make you look out of the world. No matter what your age is, what your butt size is, with a gorgeous hair color you can hide all your flaws.And the best mode for us to follow fashion is Celebrities. Whatever these stars try and flaunt, it directly helps us to draw those dreams.

But Stars are regular people, too, so once in a while they have beauty slip ups of their own like us. But with stardom comes gossips. Their silliest mistake would be noted down and would be featured there in news all over.

So let’s put down the gossip part and learn something, here I would be discussing some big hair color mistakes from Hollywood.


celebrity hair color mistakes (1)

The look of covering top 3 inches with a darker shade and then coloring the rest part in just opposite shade is one of the disastrous experiments Ciara has done.

Covering the roots in different color is being one of the great style dyes in this season but only when the lower hair color is one tone or two tones lighter. It is looking like Ciara was wearing a cap when she went for highlights and forgot to remove that cap.

Jessica Simpson

celebrity hair color gone wrong

The hair dye comes with a rule of never matching it with the complexion. The look will not take more than seconds to make you look Alien. Jessica’s ear-rings are adding into the line of why it is worse. Matching everything is killing all her looks.

Ladies do note- always go for at least one or two tone darker or lighter hair color in comparison with your complexion.

Drew Barrymore

celebrity hair color mistakes

I actually didn’t understand how she could move out with this hair color. It seems as Drew accidentally dipped her ends in this color. Drew is considered to have the most beautiful locks in industry and with her bob hairstyle she has been amazingly drawing attention on her young looks seeming little old. I was shocked when I saw this beauty with this hair disaster.

Nicole Richie

famous hair color mistakes by celebrities

Nicole’s choice of super curls with this hair color is destroying all magic she could have spelled on us. It is important to understand which hair dye goes with which hair style. The curls are looking overdone because of this shiny butter look. Light blonde or light brown dye color would have looked amazing on this beauty. But again too much of curls is a big no no.

Cher Lloyd

famous celebrity hair color mistakes

Experimenting with 3 colors is a bad choice. Pink with butter and with brown color are messing up the whole look. This beautiful singer is killing her looks with this messed up dye. Pink with butter or pink with light brown must have created better looks. With her skin stone the root locks are looking gorgeous with side partition.

Christina Aguilera

famous celebrity hair color gone wrong

Blood Red hair looks good on Superheroes and in films only. Christina red hair is simple no. Though her powerful look is little dramatic and suits her overall personality but sometimes experiments turns the whole scene and this is exactly what has happened to Christina. Mahagony or Burgundy color could have looked amazing.

Have you ever comitted any of these Famous Hair Color Mistakes?

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