Fantastic Hair Growth Tips At Home


Fantastic Hair Growth Tips At Home

Ever been through a situation where you have chopped of your hair out frustration and realized it just then that you have something to attend two months later, and you had  been  planning how to do your hair with that particular saree or lehenga you will be wearing, for months and now all that seems a waste. Well well well! Help’s at hand. Worry not. For all those beauties who are always stressing about how slowly their hair grows, here are some easy solutions with simple ingredients you can try at home and see the magic.

excellent tips for hair growth

Here are some tips for for hair growth:

Hot oil treatment

Just take some oil, any oil of your choice, castor, coconut, jojoba, etc heat it up a bit, and massage it well into the roots. Take some water and boil it. Now take a towel dip it into the hot water, squeeze out the excess water and wrap this around your hair. Repeat the process as the towel cools down. This will help the oil penetrate deep into the hair. Nourish your hair and help it grow fast and long.

Watch your diet

Eat healthy, eat lots of vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Trust me, everything depends on your diet. If you are eating junk and spending thousands on hair care products it will never help. Your hair will only grow fast if you provide your body with the right ingredients to make to grow faster.

Oiling and cleansing

Oil Your Hair

This is essential. With the everyday pollution and dirt and sweating, the hair follicles ten to get clogged up. So it’s important that you keep it clean. But hold on! That does not mean you shampoo your hair every day. That will rob your hair off its nutrients. So it’s important that you oil your hair at least thrice a week, and then you can follow it up with a shampoo.

Protect your hair

With all the dust pollution and sun, it is very important that you protect your hair from all this. Wear a hat when going out, or tie a scarf around when going out into the sun. Do not tie your hair up too tightly, that might put stress on the roots. But before you go to sleep, always tie your hair up. Cause friction with the pillow might cause hair fall. And never comb through wet hair. As wet hair is prone to breakage than dry hair. Definitely do not wash your hair with hot water. Always use lukewarm or cold water to wash your hair.

Hair pack

Honey and coconut hair pack

If you want your hair to grow fast and long and remain healthy. It is essential that you that  you provide it with the right food. So use hair packs at least once a week. Henna hair packs, yoghurt and honey pack, curry leaves and hibiscus hair pack are excellent for hair growth.

Things to avoid


Avoid using harsh chemicals on your hair. Artificial hair dyes and colors have a lot of harmful chemicals in them. Go for natural homemade dyes if you must color your hair. That color your hair at the same time nourishing it Regular styling using hot irons and curlers is also  not advises as the heat destroys the hair shaft and takes away the moisture from it. Making it go lifeless and stunting its growth.

Now here are some substances you can apply on your hair to make it grow fast.

Castor oil

Nothing can beat this oil’s effectiveness when it comes to hair growth. Since this oil is thicker and stickier than other oils mix it with another hair oil in a 1:1 proportion and then apply it.

Vit E capsule

Vitamin E Capsules uses

Vitamin E is essential for hair growth, so just cut 2-3 vitamin E capsules and pour n the liquid into the bottle of hair oil, and use this oil.

Onion juice

Onion juice is rich in sulphur that boosts collagen production in the tissues and helps in re-growth of hair. Just grate some onion, squeeze out the juice and apply it in your hair.

These were some of the tips that will help you to grow your hair faster.

Which tip are you going to try?

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