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 Recently, me and a few of my mates decided to spend the day hunting around the streets of janpath and sarojini for hidden treasures. Obviously, if you are going to be running around the streets of Delhi all day in this weather, you would choose to be comfortable.

It’s okay to be dressed down while street shopping with the girls, but what happens when the guys ring you up and insist that the whole group meet up for dinner after your gruelling, sweaty shopping trip? Well, you carry a back up of course!

TIP: Always keep a pair of heels stashed in your car boot. You never know when it might come in handy.

I had decided to wear a pair of high waist hot pants that I had picked up from Zara ages ago and paired them up with an Aztec print crop top designed by yours truly at PREVASU. A tiny rose shaped sling to stash the money and makeup and a pair of cute John Lennon style sunglasses that I picked up from Colaba market in Mumbai. These are my favourite pair! Such a cute quirkiness to them!


rose shaped sling+womens clothing


No way was I wearing anything with heels on the streets of sarojini and janpath, so i went for my favourite pair of sneakers! (They were getting a little scruffy, so I jazzed them up by bedazzling them! And now they look so cute!! That’s right! I’m thrifty too 😉 )


pair of sneakers+women clothing stores


And the day look is set! Comfy, fuss free, minimal!


Aztec print crop top+women clothes


But the guys (random as ever *eye roll*) decided to call us mid shopping and forced a dinner plan. We were all in a tizzy! We were trendy enough for a day of loitering around, but a dinner at a snazzy restaurant? Ummm…no!

So…the quick fix! Thankfully we had clothes handy! All that shopping paid off! We ducked into the nearest ladies room we could locate and began the transformation! Whipped of the Aztec cotton crop top and replaced it with this lovely bottle green one in semi crepe that I had just bought! Messy hair? Check! No shampoo? Check! Now what??? Simple! Fashion it into a messy braid. It looks really cute! And add a touch of colour to your face with a bright lipstick!

Lastly, a quick dash to the car, pop open the boot, chucks in the sneakers and hello emergency heels! I had stashed a pair of Charles and Keith wedges in here ages ago! Ha! Always knew they would come in handy!


Charles and Keith wedges+womens trendy clothing


I’ve redone the looks to show you guys how it worked!


bottle green semi crepe top+young womens clothing


So, at the end of the day, I could step out of my car onto the snazzy steps of our dinner destination with style and confidence!

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