Fashion Tips For Plus Size Women

Almost all women want to look thinner then what they are. This I can say from my own experience. When I was 8kg heavier, I wanted to be just 5 kg less so that I could wear anything what I like and now when I have reduced 3kgs more I still aspire to be little thinner so that I can wear 28 size jeans.
During my weight loss journey I picked up some tips which helped me hiding my weight and look beautiful too. Also most important thing which I learnt was that there is no such thing as the perfect figure. The key to looking good understands which fashions work on you whether they are good, bad or old fashioned.
Here goes my tip:-
1. Dark clothes hide away the bulges whereas light colors emphasize them.
2. Women who are large busted should go for dark color tea shirts.
3. Wearing V cut T-Shirts or Salwar suits moves the focus to you faces and gives the impression of a longer neck.
4. Loose fitted slacks and flared skirts gives a round S shape to the bum and makes one appear half the size.
5. Small patterns hide makes one appear thin. Diagonal or vertical stripes draw the eye down the body.
6. Notion of wearing lose clothes is completely wrong. Fitted clothes always look better on any shape and size.
7. Tailored clothes always suits better on plus size women.
8. Women tend to gain lot of weight on their arms and fat arms makes one appear larger. Wear three quarter length sleeves or fluted sleeves but avoid cut sleeves as much as possible.
9. Prefer wearing sari as it hides many flaws and makes one appear quite beautiful and slim.
10. Wearing little low wasted dresses and skirts will shifts the focus of the belly to your hips.



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